Moving to France with French reg car but not at my name yet

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Hi, I am having trouble working out what I need to do to change the carte grise to my name. Bought a car registered both in France and in the UK (it was owned by a guy who worked and lived in both countries). I have been told to head to the ANTS site to update the carte grise but can't seem to connect an account that is recognised. We bought our car 3 months ago and by the time we leave the UK we will not have owned it for the 6 months required to be exempt from Customs duties. Does anyone here know how to go about this?Thank youMaud

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Firstly, I’m afraid that it is not possible for the car to be registered in two countries at the same time. I don’t even understand how this could have legitimately happened - the registration document must be handed over (exchanged) in the country that the car was last registered. The last place it was registered takes priority, i.e. that is where it is now registered. Assuming that is France, then to transfer to your name you need the Carte Grise crossed through, dated and signed buy the person shown on it as last owner. You need a CT less than 6 months old, and a couple of copies of the ‘Certificat de Cession’ completed and signed by you and the previous owner, plus French insurance. By far the easiest way to deal with this is to use a third party to do it for you - it only costs a few euro’s. There are plenty of garages etc that will do this (Leclerc Auto, Feu Verte etc). Good luck with you move.

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Hi Bandy, Thank you for responding. We have it all sorted now. However just wanted to clarify that it is possible to have a car registered in two countries if you have residency in two countries. Our car was owned by a NATO employee who worked between the UK and France and was based in both countries. hence the dual plates. Best Maud

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