Vechile registration issues

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Hi, I need advise regarding a claiming ownership of a car I recently purchased in France. My situation is as follows:- I live and work in France, having moved there in august. I have a 1 year visa for my job and so do not have a full residency permit, rather I have a visa and residency stamp. I hoped to have been given my social security number by now but have not received it.- I bought a car last week and am I now trying to transfer the ownership. I was lead to believe by the garage that this a a simple process. However, I am finding that I am unable to make a France Connect account and so unable to transfer ownership. I believe I will be able to create one once I have my social security number but I cannot guarantee this will arrive by the 1 month deadline.Does anyone know what the procedure is in France for handling cars which you have purchased but are unable to transfer ownership by the deadline? Have you heard of somebody in a similar situation? I am thinking I will have to return the car but I do not know if will still be liable for having done things incorrectly.

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I couldn't create a France connect account until I had been in France 1 year and received the first "avis impots". Here is a contact who could help you perhaps (he works remotely) - 

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