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Hi Poetic minded and Philosophical friends, The attached link is to a play performance this coming Saturday the 3rd of Nov and also the 1st of Dec at 16h at the Theatre du Gymnase-Marie Bell in Paris. The talented Mariane Zahar, who also wrote it, is portraying the Buddhist devotee, Alexandra David Néel, in an 80 minute, "one woman" monologue. I helped adapt it into English and coached her on the English version. She's been playing it in French for the past 4 years. If ever you can come, you can get 12 euro tickets at: https://www.billetreduc.com/174312/evtbook.htm?date=1 Take care and I hope to see you there! Tim http://dna-alexandra-david-neel.com/?fbclid=IwAR1G8iH-S4iYgqo6WeWt-la5e2kWMKxYt2tzeEIW-yB9sNdsgvumCmrJ4Vc

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