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Hi, we are moving to Paris from South Africa later this year for at least 5 years.  Our family speaks only English but we are wanting to enroll our kids in a bilingual school as they are 3 and 6 years old and should pick up French pretty quickly. I will be working in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Unfortunately my employer will not be providing support for school fees so the British or Paris international schools are not an option due to costs.I would be very appreciative of recommendations for good bilingual schools in Paris for my kids.Stay safeNerissa

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Hi, Having recently enrolled our son for "la grande section" of the "maternelle", wondering if anyone has any recent experience of this bi-lingual private school please, preferably but not limited my son's age group (5 years old), also keen to hear from parents of children of all ages given the school covers nursery to the Bac.  There would appear to be very few reviews on the web, just one French forum with mixed reviews, but no anglo-phone reviews of the school. We were comfortable with the school when we visited, just strange to see so little web traffic about it other than the official listings. Thanks.  

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Hello, trying to get some advice or comments from students and/or parents of children you have attended or currently attend the Collège/Lycée International Honoré de Balzac, Paris 17e with an English section.  The college/lycee is situated at 118 boulevard Bessières, 75017 PARIS.  What are your experiences, advice etc?  I am looking to move from the south of France to near Paris this year and I am considering enrolling my daughter who is 12 and currently in 5eme at a local French college.  We have been in France since January 2012 so still learning the language and adjusting. If you know of any other international colleges which you would recommend in Paris or around, which would work well for an English speaking child who is learning French, please do write.  Ideally I would like my daughter to get immersed in the French language and education system and at the same time keep up the English side of the education so that she becomes bilingual and experiences the multicultural style of life.  Thank you in advance for any comments.

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Cherche professeur d'anglais (système « Pearson Edexcel A Levels ») pour deux élèves de niveau terminale sur Paris. Temps nécessaire par semaine : +/-8 heures. Bien payé. Contact : formentor27@gmail.com ou 0678638136

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I'm expecting in February and so far I haven't found any stores in Paris for baby shopping other than for clothes... Ikea doesn't have great furniture options, and I want to start comparison shopping for bassinets and everything else. Any tips?thanks!!

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Hello there! My family and I are moving to the St Germain en Laye area just before this school year begins and I would like my 6 and 8 year olds to continue with their piano lessons. Their last teacher was young and dynamic and it would be great if we could find someone similar. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Many thanks, 

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Hello everyone, I am writing to find out if anyone knows of a Spanish speaking housekeeper/cleaner who could work in the St Germain en Laye area? It would be to start in September preferably.many thanks, 

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Hello everyone! My family and I will be new to the St Germain en Laye region and would like to continue our kids' piano lessons. Their previous teacher was young and dynamic and we would like someone similar. We would prefer someone who can give lessons at home. Many thanks for your help!

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Hi! I will be bringing my teenage daughter and her friend to Paris for the 2018-19 school year. They don't have enough French to enroll in school for the advanced grades so they will be schooling through independent study. I am looking for other ways they can get involved while living in Paris. Specifically they are interested in continuing to play basketball, but they are also interested in ballroom dancing and choral groups. Any advise about where to start would be appreciated. The apartment we will be staying in is in the 14th.Warmly, Colleen

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Hello I want to know about any activities for 5 year old kid near courbevoie, Paris.Any sports or activity classes are welcome..

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Hi, We have been living 15 years in London where our 3 children were born and educated in an international environment. Now they are bilingual (they had a 50/50 education in English and French so far) and we must go back to France, surely Paris. We are considering international sections/schools and came across Lycée International Balzac, Porte de Clichy. Anyone would have an insight? Anyone has tried this school for college or lycée? I have 2 children to place in 6ieme and 4ieme.Thank you for your help

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My boss urgently needs a new Au Pair to take care of her 9 year old daughter. Duties would generally involve school drop off/pick up, some light house work and meal prep. The au pair would have their own studio located near the arc de triomphe as well as a navigo pass and some "pocket money".I have signed up to an au pair website but so far not had much luck. Can anyone advise where I might find someone? If you know of anyone please get them to send me thier CV.Many thanks!

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Hi,My little lad got a place in creche for September so we need to go through the teps to end the contract with his assistante maternelle.Has anyone here done that and what did you need to do?I'm looking to put together a checklist to ensure I don't miss anything.Thanks in advance.

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Hi, Has anyone heard anything about these two bilingual schools in Paris? I am trying to choose between them but can't find much information besides their websites. I have a six year old and a three year old. Thanks very much! 

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Hello, Can anyone answer my question please on visiting UK? We have booked to visit my family in UK this April and whilst ive got my British Passport, my childrens passports have expired and for the last two years we have just used their French Identity Cards.  However, im wondering now if its still ok for French citizens to do this.  I cant seem to find any info in this regard.  My husband has his French passport so i assume no visa is required for him?

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Hello, I just wondered if anyone knows what the annual fees are for the Bilingual Scool "Cours Moliere" in the 12 arr Paris? Id love for my children to go there, but id like an idea of what to expect in fees before i go ahead and contact them.  There is no mention of cost on their website.  I wonder if it depends on family income? Id be greatful for any info please.

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We are looking for a native German-speaking babysitter to talk and play with our girls, Mila (11) and Cléo (8), 2-4 hours per week. We just arrived in Paris from Vienna where we spent 5 years and we don't want our girls to lose all the German they learned there. We live in the 12th near the Gare de Lyon. The girls also speak English and French since their mother is French and their father is American.

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Hi, ive been looking for a local gymnastics club for my 7 year old son, but i havent had much luck; Our local Centre d'animation doesnt offer gymnastics. Does anyone know of such a club? I live in the 19th, but anywhere around Paris would be fine be fine, thanks in advance!

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We are a French family moving back to Paris afterliving in New York City.We are looking for an English speaking babysitterto help our kids keep up with their English (starting September) !Our 3 kids are 11, 9 and 7 and really super sweet.In exchange, we would offer free lodging in afurnished 20m2 studio in Neuilly-sur-Seine.15 hours per week, after school and evening babysittings. You would not be needed before 4pm so that would leaveyou plenty of time for studies or a day job.Looking forward to hearing fromyou !Virginieginijaco@yahoo.fr

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