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If anyone has kids at this school, I’d like to hear your experience.

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If anyone has kids at this school, I’d like to hear your experience.

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If anyone has kids at this school, I’d like to hear your experience.

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If anyone has kids at this school, I’d like to hear your experience.

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Hi , We are looking for a full time Nanny who can look after our little boy who’s just turned 3 months.we are a English and french family. we are both going back to work in October and need to find a nursery or nanny for beginning of October.We would be looking for a nanny who doesn’t smoke,no animals and looks after children with similar age to my child. It would be for 5 days a week Monday to Friday (8am-6pm) .We were inscribed at the local nursery but because we had moved to a different village it’s not possible to keep us and all the other nursery’s in our new village our complet. So now looking for a nanny to look after my boy. We are based in Val de marne near Villiers sur marne. Please contact me if you have any spaces for our little boy. many thanks Hannah  

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Hi! We are a Franco-British family living in the center of Paris (16eme) and looking for an English-speaking nanny or student, preferably EMT, to look after our children aged 5 to 10 after school typically 2 to 3 times a week (we are flexible on the days). Starting asap. We look forward to being in touch! 

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Hi! We are a Franco-American family living in the center of Paris (1st) and looking for an English-speaking nanny (preferably EMT) to look after our young daughter (2.5 yo) and two boys (10 & 12 yo), on weekdays after school, starting end of August.We look forward to being in touch!

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Hello,Does anyone have information about schooling and therapies (ABA and Occupational Therapy) for a 12-year old autistic child in Paris?Thank you,JM

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Hi,What can I do if my child is in French school and I don't have the patience to teach her English myself?

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Hello,Do any of you have kids in the college of one of these schools? Could you share your experiences? I'd greatly appreciate any tips! Marta

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Hello there! My name is Rene Trombley, and I am a research assistant for Mount Royal University's Language Development Laboratory, which is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are looking to recruit 3-6 years old English-speaking monolingual and bilingual children from around the world to participate in our online word learning study! We want to see if exposure to different sentence structures when speaking more than one language will help children learn new words. The session usually takes less than twenty minutes per child, and will be held through a scheduled “google meets” meeting. We will screen-share various pictures and audio and have the children identify the pictures as if they were playing a word game. If you are interested in having your child participate, please follow the link below to fill out the consent form and for more information! From there, we will email you and schedule an appointment. Feel free to comment here, PM me, or email me at rtrom126@mtroyal.ca if you have any questions. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfV8-ebI8qB01gvnG7-4Vr5FSsVBY8JC0osCdpNJBlX0hKcuA/viewform?usp=sf_link

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Hello all,I hope you all are having a good day :)I am wondering if anyone would please direct me on how to obtain the family account ID with le Mairie? I have visited the sites many times but unable to locate the information on how to get one. Do I have to go into to their office or I can do everything online? Thank you for your expertise!April 

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Hello, I am looking for an native English speaking babysitter to look after my 3 year old daughter after school : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 4.30pm to 6.30/7pm + might need extra hours some Wednesdays and during holidays. Starting September. We live Paris 16. If any interest you can contact me on 0044 7847168978 or amandin15@yahoo.co.uk. Thank you. Amandine 

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Hi, we are moving to Paris from South Africa later this year for at least 5 years.  Our family speaks only English but we are wanting to enroll our kids in a bilingual school as they are 3 and 6 years old and should pick up French pretty quickly. I will be working in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Unfortunately my employer will not be providing support for school fees so the British or Paris international schools are not an option due to costs.I would be very appreciative of recommendations for good bilingual schools in Paris for my kids.Stay safeNerissa

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Hi, Having recently enrolled our son for "la grande section" of the "maternelle", wondering if anyone has any recent experience of this bi-lingual private school please, preferably but not limited my son's age group (5 years old), also keen to hear from parents of children of all ages given the school covers nursery to the Bac.  There would appear to be very few reviews on the web, just one French forum with mixed reviews, but no anglo-phone reviews of the school. We were comfortable with the school when we visited, just strange to see so little web traffic about it other than the official listings. Thanks.  

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Hello, trying to get some advice or comments from students and/or parents of children you have attended or currently attend the Collège/Lycée International Honoré de Balzac, Paris 17e with an English section.  The college/lycee is situated at 118 boulevard Bessières, 75017 PARIS.  What are your experiences, advice etc?  I am looking to move from the south of France to near Paris this year and I am considering enrolling my daughter who is 12 and currently in 5eme at a local French college.  We have been in France since January 2012 so still learning the language and adjusting. If you know of any other international colleges which you would recommend in Paris or around, which would work well for an English speaking child who is learning French, please do write.  Ideally I would like my daughter to get immersed in the French language and education system and at the same time keep up the English side of the education so that she becomes bilingual and experiences the multicultural style of life.  Thank you in advance for any comments.

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Cherche professeur d'anglais (système « Pearson Edexcel A Levels ») pour deux élèves de niveau terminale sur Paris. Temps nécessaire par semaine : +/-8 heures. Bien payé. Contact : formentor27@gmail.com ou 0678638136

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I'm expecting in February and so far I haven't found any stores in Paris for baby shopping other than for clothes... Ikea doesn't have great furniture options, and I want to start comparison shopping for bassinets and everything else. Any tips?thanks!!

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Hello there! My family and I are moving to the St Germain en Laye area just before this school year begins and I would like my 6 and 8 year olds to continue with their piano lessons. Their last teacher was young and dynamic and it would be great if we could find someone similar. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Many thanks, 

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Hello everyone, I am writing to find out if anyone knows of a Spanish speaking housekeeper/cleaner who could work in the St Germain en Laye area? It would be to start in September preferably.many thanks, 

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