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Hi,What can I do if my child is in French school and I don't have the patience to teach her English myself?

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Hi there. I'm American and my son (born in France) goes to a French school, as well. Personally, I don't particularly try to "teach" him English - I just speak to him in English, let him watch English-language movies and TV (this seems lazy but is actually a great way for learners of any language to train their ear and learn new vocabulary and phrases in context). These can be fun things or even eduational. For instance, Netflix offers a lot of educational children's TV shows like "Storybots", "Octonauts", and "The Magic Schoolbus". 

I also read to him in English. You can get English-language books at big bookstores like the FNAC, as well as of course online via Amazon and other retailers, not to mention at English bookstores in France, as well, sometimes as local bookstores that mainly cater to French-speakers. Some French libraries also have at least a small section of children's books in English. And if worse comes to worst, you could even look for short stories in English online and print them out.

You can also find printable worksheets and activities of all sorts for free online, too, if you want your child to get familiar with written English.

My son is in CP and is learning to read and write. We were told that he should master the sounds and letters in French first, while still being exposed to English from time to time (for instance, when we read a book in English together I sometimes ask him what a few words are). Then, when he's become a good reader, we'll introduce him to writing in English. I'm not 100% sure this is the perfect method but it makes sense to me.

The main thing is not to let your child miss out, especially if you're a native English-speaker or fluent in English. There are so many ways to let kids hear and read and even speak English, and it's such a gift to learn it at a young age!

Don't feel bad if your child isn't learning in a strictly academic way, either; keep in mind that many bilingual people are bilingual because one of their languages is spoken informally at home. The rest will follow.

Good luck to you!

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