Collège/Lycée International Honoré de Balzac, Paris 17e

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Hello, trying to get some advice or comments from students and/or parents of children you have attended or currently attend the Collège/Lycée International Honoré de Balzac, Paris 17e with an English section.  The college/lycee is situated at 118 boulevard Bessières, 75017 PARIS.  What are your experiences, advice etc?  I am looking to move from the south of France to near Paris this year and I am considering enrolling my daughter who is 12 and currently in 5eme at a local French college.  We have been in France since January 2012 so still learning the language and adjusting. If you know of any other international colleges which you would recommend in Paris or around, which would work well for an English speaking child who is learning French, please do write.  Ideally I would like my daughter to get immersed in the French language and education system and at the same time keep up the English side of the education so that she becomes bilingual and experiences the multicultural style of life.  Thank you in advance for any comments.

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Will/could you be in Paris this weekend? A very good schhol fair is being held that might help you answer your questions

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We are lucky to have a number of French government schools with international sections/options in and around Paris, there are several French Government schools including Balzac, St Germain, the Rostand in Chantilly, Fontainebleau and Sevres; you will find most of these school listed here:

Good luck with the move!

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habaka - the same page as referred to by the other user also contains contact information for private and semi-private bilingual schools/options like Ermitage in Maisons Laftiite, the EAB and EABJM. Look for the option that suits your circumstances/budget and child the best. Happy hunting!

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Thank you very much for all your replies so far.  I am aware of the most of the information which can be researched on the internet, the list of appropriate schools, the school fair in Paris in January.  Also 'our' anglo-info sites are so useful too but I was hoping to get some 'inside' view from students/parents who actually have had or still have their children attend the Balzac College.

As most of us know from experience, when we have looked for schools for our children in England or anywhere else for that matter, on top of visiting the schools of our choice, we would talk to other parents, do some 'inside' research,  How else are we to find out?  Going to a school, talking to the teachers, checking the facilities, exam tables etc - yes, that's one way but it does help to listen to the experiences of others.   Of course at the end of the day we all make our own choices and hope for the best:)

So if you have attended or attend the college or you know of someone, please do get in touch.

Thank you for the words of encouragement too.

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I am also looking for some insider parent perspective and information for the Lycee Int de Balzac., Paris. My daughter will go into second in september. If you are a parent with a child at the Lycee level, I appreciate your impressions. and experience.

Thank you.


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I am glad I saw you message as I am currently in the same situation as you, I have a 10 year old daughter for who I am considering college International Honore de Balzac. She is currently in the French system but we would like more English for her, we already live in Paris (when came to Paris from NY 3 years ago). Our current experience is that many school that offers English in Paris are not very international and therefore lack the understanding for other cultures. With it's 6 different international sections, College International Honore de Balzac will clearly be able to offer a more of an international ambience which is specifically what we are looking for this time around. And just like you I am currently seeking more information from family and friends and I am looking forward to share any information I will receive with you. Application time just started this week so in any case you should call them and make sure they send their dossier to you. They also haves Open House on March 8 which we will attend. Maybe I will see you there! Good luck, Eva 

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