Cours Moliere school (12e); able to provide first hand feedback pls?

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Hi, Having recently enrolled our son for "la grande section" of the "maternelle", wondering if anyone has any recent experience of this bi-lingual private school please, preferably but not limited my son's age group (5 years old), also keen to hear from parents of children of all ages given the school covers nursery to the Bac.  There would appear to be very few reviews on the web, just one French forum with mixed reviews, but no anglo-phone reviews of the school. We were comfortable with the school when we visited, just strange to see so little web traffic about it other than the official listings. Thanks.  

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Have only ever heard good news about the school myself.

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Super school according to all I ask, so many people forget to give feedback when its good. (nothing travels faster than bad news !) The main thing is that you felt comfortable and hopefully so did your son as we all have such different expectations of schools. I remember seeing them here : I hope you get some more feedback and are happy at the rentree....

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I just wondered if anyone could add any more about the school, or from NickB how is your son doing there?  My son has just been offered a place for CM2 in September, we have other applications ongoing, and we live in Italy and it is a bit difficult to go and look at the schools,  so if he is offered places at any other schools some more information would be very useful in helping us decide


thanks to anyone who can help

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Hi Alison,

Did you ever get any further feedback on Cours Molière? My son was offered a spot for CM1 and they say we only have 10 days to decide!  I haven't visited either.

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No, sorry, I haven't  found out anything else. If I do I will post here and let you know. 

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Hi Alison and Corry,

So, we're 6 months in to "la Grande Section" and I have to say we're very pleased with the choice we made. Our son made friends very quickly, we also made friends with many of the parents thanks to an early birthday party of one of the children. What struck me immediately was how friendly and welcoming the other parents were on the first day compared to public school. From an educational perspective I have no complaints, there is a bi-lingual teacher for the "Moyenne" and "Grande Section" and also an Irish teacher who spends time with the children for a good part of the day. The 2 additional assistants are also well liked by the children. Our son is probably the best English speaker of all the children at the pre-school section since my wife and I speak English together, and it's been acknowleged and I think acted upon that he needs more advanced conversation and attention during the period in which the children are focused on English. Each weekend and during the holidays there is homework and on Fridays approx 1 hour of Chinese (mandarin) conversation which my son initially didn't want to do but now looks forward to, and he already has a good vocabulary (he's tri-lingual already, so this a fourth language for him). 

The teachers provide a lot of feedback and are always available for one to one meetings, outside of the scheduled meetings. There is a good communication flow, written and verbal.

The only disadvantages / minor problems we've had I would say are initially at the canteen at lunch, my son was complaining of not having enough to eat but we queried this and he has not made any comments since; otherwise, the school lacks the kind of facilities a public school would have in terms of play area with slides / climbing frames etc given it is in a residential  apartment block. There is a play area of limited size in an internal courtyard area, and initially we were surprised by the amount of punishments dished out versus public school but this is because the area is much more enclosed than public school yards so better surveillance, normally punsishments are mostly due to play fighting / hair-pulling and quite normal at the age of 5 and below.

Due to the fact that the Primary section is in the main part of the school and "L'ecole maternelle" in a separate annexe, I have no inslight into CP sorry, however, I can tell you that we have already confirmed our son will stay at the school next year for CP.

Let me know if you would like further info.





Corry 1426289817


Thank you so much for your thoughtful response!  I really appreciate it. I am going to visit the school on March 31. 


Corry 1426290636

Hi again NickB,

I thought of a question - do most families at the school live in the 12th arrondissement?


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My daughter has been offered a place in 6ème for next September at Cours Molieres. The conversation above dates back a while but  I was wondering if your kids actually stayed at the school into collège and if so are you happy with it? My daughter is bilingual English French so I’d like to know if the school really does cater to native English speakers during the English classes and doesn’t mix levels.  Any parent insider info for the middle school would be much appreciated. Thank you! 

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