Full time nanny for my little boy

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Hi , We are looking for a full time Nanny who can look after our little boy who’s just turned 3 months.we are a English and french family. we are both going back to work in October and need to find a nursery or nanny for beginning of October.We would be looking for a nanny who doesn’t smoke,no animals and looks after children with similar age to my child. It would be for 5 days a week Monday to Friday (8am-6pm) .We were inscribed at the local nursery but because we had moved to a different village it’s not possible to keep us and all the other nursery’s in our new village our complet. So now looking for a nanny to look after my boy. We are based in Val de marne near Villiers sur marne. Please contact me if you have any spaces for our little boy. many thanks Hannah  

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