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Hi, We have been living 15 years in London where our 3 children were born and educated in an international environment. Now they are bilingual (they had a 50/50 education in English and French so far) and we must go back to France, surely Paris. We are considering international sections/schools and came across Lycée International Balzac, Porte de Clichy. Anyone would have an insight? Anyone has tried this school for college or lycée? I have 2 children to place in 6ieme and 4ieme.Thank you for your help

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This is, in my humble opinion, too serious a question for you to allow yourself to be guided by some opinions on Angloinfo (including mine), despite the fact that there are some very wise members.   I did a very quick Internet check and came across this comparison table, which may give you some thoughts.

In your place, I would do a lot of Internet research and discuss this with academics.  I know what you are going through, as my own children are now grown up, but I remember it well.  I wish you the very best of luck.

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