Seeking classes and therapists in English for an autistic child (austism)

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Hello,Does anyone have information about schooling and therapies (ABA and Occupational Therapy) for a 12-year old autistic child in Paris?Thank you,JM

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You should contact SPRINT, they are listed on this page and they will be able to point you to the right support systems here in Paris: 

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Good afternoon Mr. Meier,

I can recommend a private school for your child. Cours du Pont de Pierre, 22, rue Vaugelas 75015 Paris

Director: Gregoire Van Steenbrugghe 

Tel: 09 52 53 30 12

My colleague and I, organised sessions of Audio-Psycho Phonology (Tomatis listening therapy) for a group of children with autistic spectrum disorder at the school, during 3 months, with positive results.  The teachers are professional, dedicated and caring. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more  about the Audio-Psycho-Phonology method, or if you would like to speak to some parents who have their child at the school.

Best regards,

Gillian Brake Lelong

Personal and Professional Development Coach

Audio-Psycho-Phonology Therapist 

For further information:

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