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Hi everyone,It's my first time declaring taxes in France and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of pieces:The 2047 and 3916 declarations:- 3916 If you have a couple of accounts within the same bank (i.e. one current and one saving, and one of them has zero £ in) do you have to declare both accounts or just the one with money in?- 3916 Do you also have to declare investment accounts, like the Hargreaves and Landsdowne Shares & Cash ISA? (These don't have account numbers, I only have a client number). Or would I just declare the income in the 2047 form?Unfortunately I have been told I must do my declaration on paper and not online. So, if anyone knows where would be open to be able to print documents that would be super helpful :) Thanks so much in advance for any help!!Sabrina

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Hello, I have home insurance with Pacifica / Credit Agricole. I want to make a claim as there is water damage on my ceiling from the flat above. The neighbour  has been notified who is looking into it. I spoke to Pacifica and was sent  a sinistre number. The problem is I don't know what to do next!My French is not good which is why I am reaching out for English advice. Thank you.

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Hello All,I am an American woman (28) who wants to marry my French boyfriend of over 5 years and settle long term in France. I'm hoping that someone who has had experience in this can give me some advice, because the information out there is so confusing!Do I need the Long Stay Visa with Intent to Marry in order to get this done, or can I do it on my three month tourist visa?What's the first step for my boyfriend, who is French and lives in Paris? Do we need to get a lawyer to help us with this or can we do it ourselves? And what about "proving" that we have a real relationship (which we do!)Any info AT ALL will be appreciated, and I'll be happy to take people out for drinks/dinner when I'm back in Paris!!thanks,Emma

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I received a check which i submitted in my bank BNP Paribas. I withdrew some cash and later my card was blocked with the reason suspicion of fraud. Later i found that i have been scammed and the cheque was fake and it will bounce bank. I told the bank i was scammed. I wanted to know that will there be serious consequence  like fine, or criminal charges or closing of my account. I am stressed alot.

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Anyone with recommendations for reliable estate agents/property agencies in the Chartres area?  We're looking to buy, but will consider renting in the first instance.  Alternatively if you have come across bad ones, also please share!  Thanks!

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Hello,Is there anyone, Legal Advisors, Lawyer/Solicitor etc, who can help inform me to what our Civil Rights are in regard to the current "covid19 vaccine obligation" here in France? Surely we have a legal right to refuse? Can they really discriminate against us and not let us into shops? And what about our children? My kids are 11 and 14 and I don't want them to have the vaccine, can the schools refuse to take them if they haven't had the covid shot? I look forward to your replies!A worried Mum

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The address is written on my bank checks but the font is so small I cannot read it. I went to the CA web site but could not find their address. Does anyone know their postal address?Thanks

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hello allI'm a student currently live in 94 district near Paris.I searched house from internet before I came to Paris, there was an advertising that didn't mention this is a colorlcation contract, and also during Two months email communication, the day we sign the contract. I don't understand any French, and the other Two person who I met the date I move-in, were no one explain this part of contract as well. The only thing they mentioned was I have to give one month notice before I move out.As my study plan has changed this year,  so I have to move out Two months before the expiry date. I noticed my landlord and he replied that I have to continue pay the rent till the expiry date, and MUST find someone to replace me, otherwise I have to pay six month rent after contract finished. I asked my housemate about this, they told me show the evidence to landlord this is illegal, maybe he will consider to let you go.I don't understand where is this unfair law from, and don't know how this happen in France. I tried to find the legal help but no one speak English... Can here anyone help me with this please....i asked some people online, but they told me there were many students meet the same situation, they gave money to those landlord and no way to solve it. Is this really the law in France?? 

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2019 was my first year living in France and this is my first French tax return. I am already back living in my home country of Australia. I lived in France from May 2nd 2019 to March 16th 2020. I am married and will be filing a joint return with my wife.I have read that tax returns are normally now completed online, however you must file a paper return the first time, so I will be filing mine by snail mail. I have the address to mail my tax return to. I think that my tax return should be fairly typical, except for foreign income and foreign bank accounts. From my research, I believe I need to fill in Form 2042, Form 2047 for foreign income and Form 3916 for each foreign bank account (some people say this is unnecessary and just to write the details on scrap paper, but I want to be careful). I think I will also need to provide my RIB, some ID (I have a residence permit and can take a photo of it) and a copy of my rental contract. Is there anything else that is typically required?For Form 2042, I have filled out most of it, but need help on sections 1: traitements, salaires, pensions, rentes, 6: charges déductibles, 7: réductions et crédits d’impôt and 8: prélèvement à la source et divers. I believe that I need to put in my French income from 2019 into box 1AJ and that this is the amount labelled "net fiscal annuel" on my December 2019 payslip. I am not sure what else I need to complete for sections 1, 6, 7 and 8 other than ticking 8UU for my foreign bank accounts. I have no investments, bank interest etc. so shouldn't need to fill in much. I am not sure if there are any standard deductions that French tax payers make or other deductions I can make. I was employed as a researcher and went to an international conference. After the trip, my employer reimbursed me for some costs, including food and accommodation.I have already filled out Form 3916 and I don't think I need any help here. I am not sure how to fill in Form 2047 and need some help here. My only foreign income in 2019 was about $4000 USD.I have read that for your second tax return onwards, French administration mails prefilled tax returns to people. Even if you someone simply tell me which boxes are filled on their prefilled forms, that would be helpful, particularly if you are in a similar position to me.Can anyone help me here or point me to an online information source please? Thanks.

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Hi I’m moving to Paris shortly and am overwhelmed by the documentation that may be required on arrival in order to secure a property, register residence etc.I only have the ‘short’ birth certificate so do I need to order a full one with parents names in English, with apostille, and then have that version translated into French? Or get a birth certificate without apostille and then have it translated as what’s the point of certifying the English version if they won’t accept it anyway? And they seem to only be valid for 3 months?! It’s very confusing.Everyone seems to insist French translations of all documents are mandatory but I’ve found this online which says the opposite: https://e-justice.europa.eu/content_public_documents-551--maximize-en.doAny advice on the most efficient way of moving forward as I’m currently in London and want to ensure I have what I need before making my move to Paris next month.Thanks!

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Hello all.  My wife and I are American citizens who will soon be retired and need to establish residence in France, as we live in Paris more than 183 days per year.  Can anyone recommend a lawyer or financial adviser to help us through the process of entering the French tax system as residents? Or does anyone have experience with these matters who would be interested in advising us.  Thanks. 

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hello, I need some simple advice, IF I signed a CDI with a company , and a year later, that company does a name change, is that CDI still in effect ? I do not think so- I want to get out of this company & think, they may be the back door .please advise me

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Hello everyone,I'm a student who just moved to Paris and I have a few questions that I can't find answers to online, I'm hoping that you'll be able to help me. What's an avis d'imposition? I need to set up a bank account for my wages from my Saturday job but the bank need to see an avis d'imposition and I don't know what that is. How do I file my taxes? I'm English and I've never had to file taxes before in my life. If anyone could point me in the direction of a webpage, preferably in English, that could explain things to me then I would be eternally grateful. I'm not even sure who I could ask. Thank you!

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Hello, me (NZ) and my wife are setting up a cafe in Paris. Would someone who has done similar be interested in answering a couple of rookie questions? 

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Hi,In march i will enter in a new house, in a colocation, and asked for an individual contract or lease. The agency told me that this is not possible in Paris, but in my previous coloc i had it. Is it possible to stipulate an agreement between flatmates to go around the problem and ward myself in the eventuality of one of the others not paying their rent?Thanks

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Hi there! I'm setting up an online business and physical retreat just outside of Paris and need a French/English business advisor that can help with accounts etc...does anyone have any recommendations?Thanks in advance!Kate

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Does anyone have any advice about unfair pay? I have found out that my boss systematically pays men more than women for the same work. It is a franchise of a large company, we don't really have HR. Has anyone been in this situation before? 

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I'm looking for someone advice and help in understanding how I properly set up my business to pay taxes in France as an autoentrepreneur. All my income comes from UK clients. Can anyone recommend someone skilled in this area that speaks English? Thanks. David

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I'm looking to apply for Auto Entrepreneur Status. Is there an existing thread on this that I could refer to? I'm currently seeking employment and would like to teach English and guide tours. Thank you for your advice!

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Help! I need to renew my Long Stay Visa. Has anyone done this recently? I have looked at all the information I can find on Angloinfo and the net but cant find specific information about the how to. Do I just go to the prefecture that I was granted my original one at? Do I need an appointment - if so - how do I get one? I imagine I will need updated proof of financial, residential information etc? However, do I require all the details updated ie new birth certificate, police check etc. I have seven weeks until this one expires.... With the memory still fresh of the sleepless nights and stress obtaining the original any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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