3916 & 2047 Tax declaration

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Hi everyone,It's my first time declaring taxes in France and I was wondering if anyone could help me with a couple of pieces:The 2047 and 3916 declarations:- 3916 If you have a couple of accounts within the same bank (i.e. one current and one saving, and one of them has zero £ in) do you have to declare both accounts or just the one with money in?- 3916 Do you also have to declare investment accounts, like the Hargreaves and Landsdowne Shares & Cash ISA? (These don't have account numbers, I only have a client number). Or would I just declare the income in the 2047 form?Unfortunately I have been told I must do my declaration on paper and not online. So, if anyone knows where would be open to be able to print documents that would be super helpful :) Thanks so much in advance for any help!!Sabrina

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