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hello allI'm a student currently live in 94 district near Paris.I searched house from internet before I came to Paris, there was an advertising that didn't mention this is a colorlcation contract, and also during Two months email communication, the day we sign the contract. I don't understand any French, and the other Two person who I met the date I move-in, were no one explain this part of contract as well. The only thing they mentioned was I have to give one month notice before I move out.As my study plan has changed this year,  so I have to move out Two months before the expiry date. I noticed my landlord and he replied that I have to continue pay the rent till the expiry date, and MUST find someone to replace me, otherwise I have to pay six month rent after contract finished. I asked my housemate about this, they told me show the evidence to landlord this is illegal, maybe he will consider to let you go.I don't understand where is this unfair law from, and don't know how this happen in France. I tried to find the legal help but no one speak English... Can here anyone help me with this please....i asked some people online, but they told me there were many students meet the same situation, they gave money to those landlord and no way to solve it. Is this really the law in France?? 

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