I need help with my first French tax return please

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2019 was my first year living in France and this is my first French tax return. I am already back living in my home country of Australia. I lived in France from May 2nd 2019 to March 16th 2020. I am married and will be filing a joint return with my wife.I have read that tax returns are normally now completed online, however you must file a paper return the first time, so I will be filing mine by snail mail. I have the address to mail my tax return to. I think that my tax return should be fairly typical, except for foreign income and foreign bank accounts. From my research, I believe I need to fill in Form 2042, Form 2047 for foreign income and Form 3916 for each foreign bank account (some people say this is unnecessary and just to write the details on scrap paper, but I want to be careful). I think I will also need to provide my RIB, some ID (I have a residence permit and can take a photo of it) and a copy of my rental contract. Is there anything else that is typically required?For Form 2042, I have filled out most of it, but need help on sections 1: traitements, salaires, pensions, rentes, 6: charges déductibles, 7: réductions et crédits d’impôt and 8: prélèvement à la source et divers. I believe that I need to put in my French income from 2019 into box 1AJ and that this is the amount labelled "net fiscal annuel" on my December 2019 payslip. I am not sure what else I need to complete for sections 1, 6, 7 and 8 other than ticking 8UU for my foreign bank accounts. I have no investments, bank interest etc. so shouldn't need to fill in much. I am not sure if there are any standard deductions that French tax payers make or other deductions I can make. I was employed as a researcher and went to an international conference. After the trip, my employer reimbursed me for some costs, including food and accommodation.I have already filled out Form 3916 and I don't think I need any help here. I am not sure how to fill in Form 2047 and need some help here. My only foreign income in 2019 was about $4000 USD.I have read that for your second tax return onwards, French administration mails prefilled tax returns to people. Even if you someone simply tell me which boxes are filled on their prefilled forms, that would be helpful, particularly if you are in a similar position to me.Can anyone help me here or point me to an online information source please? Thanks.

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