Pacifica Home Insurance - How to make a Claim

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Hello, I have home insurance with Pacifica / Credit Agricole. I want to make a claim as there is water damage on my ceiling from the flat above. The neighbour  has been notified who is looking into it. I spoke to Pacifica and was sent  a sinistre number. The problem is I don't know what to do next!My French is not good which is why I am reaching out for English advice. Thank you.

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karen-72236 1630939157

This is why so many expats use brokers so that they have English speakers who can help them through a claims procedure. Here's a list for future reference

Jennifer -Welch-925538 1630992555

Thank you I will take a look. I need Micro Entrepreneur advice too!

karen-72236 1630998323

It's so awkward isn't it? The status is meant to mean you don't need an accountant, but then you have nowhere to go for advice... Do you know about the Anglopreneurs facebook group - very good assistance can usually be found there.

Jennifer -Welch-925538 1631103334

It was a NIGHTMARE setting it up. Complicated even if you speak French. I will need to ask someone for help about status / tax etc. I will look on the FB page. 

Thank you. 

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