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Help! I need to renew my Long Stay Visa. Has anyone done this recently? I have looked at all the information I can find on Angloinfo and the net but cant find specific information about the how to. Do I just go to the prefecture that I was granted my original one at? Do I need an appointment - if so - how do I get one? I imagine I will need updated proof of financial, residential information etc? However, do I require all the details updated ie new birth certificate, police check etc. I have seven weeks until this one expires.... With the memory still fresh of the sleepless nights and stress obtaining the original any assistance would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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susie-72370 1268916059

Usually you convert a long stay visa into a carte sejour within the first few months of arrival; is that what you did?

Kaz-85321 1268923735

Thank you for your response Susie. Yes, I went through that process when I arrived and received my titre de séjour but it is only valid for 12 months and must be renewed each 12 months.

susie-72370 1268951952

OK then you have to take along all the pieces of info that you had to have it issued the first time, along with prood of domiciliation in order to have the carte sejour renewed, and yes you will have to go through this (stressful) process every year until you are eligible to apply for a 10 year carte de sejour; you will be given a "réceprissé" that serves as ID/temporary carte sejour until the new one is ready to be collected. Good luck!

Kaz-85321 1268999512

Thanks Susie I appreciate your feedback - I still can't find out anywhere how I make an appointment time so I am just going down to the prefecture on Monday and line up.

karen-72236 1269021448

Kaz - there is no appointment time; get there eraly, have the originals + copies of all the papers you needed to have first time round, and 4 passport photos and wait

medonlan 1269272466


My experience having now been here for nearly 10 years has been that you do have to have an appointment in Paris to renew your carte de sejour. Sometimes it takes several months to get an appointment so you should do this asap. You can now get an appointment online

Once you have the appointment they will send you a document outlining all the documents you need to bring.

Good luck

rail 1269358465

This inforamtion might be useful to you:

Renewal, Change of Address of the Carte de Séjour

Similar documents are generally required for a renewal as for the original application. In addition, proof of health insurance or registration with the French social security system (a Carte Vitale or an attestation) may be required. The documents proving family status are not needed, but proof of funds/income is: either salary receipts from the prior three months or the previous year's tax declaration. Bank statements from the prior three months may also be requested.

The 10-year residence card is not automatically renewed; renewal will depend on the "degree of integration" into French culture and society made by the card holder.

Changing the address on a Carte de Séjour

Go to the Prefecture taking:

  • Copy of the passport
  • The Carte de Séjour and a copy of the Carte de Séjour
  • Proof of address (justificatives): EDF or GDF bill, rental contract or rent receipt in the name of the Carte de Séjour holder
  • Three ID photographs

A sticker showing the new address is placed on the card is issued. A new Carte de Séjour is not issued, the original is kept until it expires.

Paris only:

Go to the Commissariat overseeing the new address. Take:

  • Passport
  • Proof of address (justificatives): EDF or GDF bill, rental contract or rent receipt in the name of the Carte de Séjour holder

A declaration of change of address is issued; a new Carte de Séjour is not issued, the original is be kept until it expires.

More info about applying for and renewing your carte de sejour can be found here:

Kaz-85321 1269572822

Thank you everyone for your input. I have since found out that you must make an appointment - via the website and at least 3 months before your visa is due to expire. The first available appointment dates are at least 3 months forward - of course with updated, housing, financial, passport photos and health insurance details etc. In some cases you can send your renewal paperwork in but I have found it difficult to get the required official paperwork to attach to the without the appointment. I really appreciated everyones feedback.

Giddy-up-girl 1269592660

kaz - good luck; part of the hassle here is that things vary from prefecture to prefecture; I don't have to go to the prefecture any more; just to my local sous-prefecture; no appointments as another person said earlier - I have to take a ticket and wait in a (long) Q...the only thing that seems to remain constant is the sort of paperwork needed

dani-86074 1275559890

Thanks for the info everyone. Kaz, I think I'm in the same situation, I need to renew my "Titre de Sejour," it will be expiring in September 2010, however, I can't seem to make an appointment at the Paris Prefecture.

I've called a number of times but the line has always been busy.
I've tried the website but after I put in my information and press the button nothing happens. I've even tried different computers and different browsers.

If you have successfully made an appointment please let me know how you did it.


dani-86074 1290018755

I never got the web form to work. But I eventually was able to make the appointment by calling early in the morning right when they opened.

Pam Bula 1343139690

So tell me, how did you go, what was the process ... I am about to embark on the same journey with renewal of Long Stay Visa

rjakila 1431192318

Hello All,

I am in a long term student visa. But the visa is only for 8 months. I would like to renew like others for 12 months. Please let me know the procedure. Thanks :)




kggk 1431335265

rjakila you will need to check with the prefecture if this is possible with your sort of visa

Kim-Bowers-918207 1514647819

Hi there guys, if you want to change your address? 

Must you change the address at the prefecture of your new address or the old one?

karen-72236 1514902257

The Prefecture of Police now have an online facility to make an appointment to renew/change your carte de sejour - follow the steps here: 

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