Self Employment in Paris, not Micro-Enterprise, advice sought??

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Hi All,I am American (been in Europe since 2002), with a French-German partner and we are moving to Paris on 1 July as my partner got a job.I am self employed, and am completely at wit's end about dealing with France company / tax structures after a few conversations with potential accountants. My business and clients are already established, I just have to move it all to France and make sure my status is legit and above board.Is anyone on here self employed / freelancer offering professional services that isn't a Micro-Enterprise (not possible due to my turnover) and not running through a Portage Salarial? Would really like to pick your brain...Please let me know, Thanks!

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karen-72236 1496224841

Auto-Entrepreneur? If you have already looked here - pls ignore this comment: 

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Momo 1496226947

@karen-72236, that's essentially the same as micro-entrepreneur, it doesn't help due to my turnover. I'm speaking to accountants but lots of conflicting information so ideally would love to speak to someone in a similar situation to pick their brain

David-Carralon 1507147468

Hi Karen, 

President Macron has just introduced a new law raising the threshold for auto-entrepreneurs to €70K annually (double what it was)... if your expected income is still higher than that then you can still set up a micro-entreprise by all means, it's just that you wont qualify for 'autoentrepreneur'.  The alternative is either 'profession liberal' or set up a SAS company.  

hope that helps


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