UK birth certificate in France

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Hi I’m moving to Paris shortly and am overwhelmed by the documentation that may be required on arrival in order to secure a property, register residence etc.I only have the ‘short’ birth certificate so do I need to order a full one with parents names in English, with apostille, and then have that version translated into French? Or get a birth certificate without apostille and then have it translated as what’s the point of certifying the English version if they won’t accept it anyway? And they seem to only be valid for 3 months?! It’s very confusing.Everyone seems to insist French translations of all documents are mandatory but I’ve found this online which says the opposite: advice on the most efficient way of moving forward as I’m currently in London and want to ensure I have what I need before making my move to Paris next month.Thanks!

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It's not easy to understand, but it might be best to go to the French consulate in London, if that is possible, to get the guidance you seek. Good luck!

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