Beaujolais Nouveau release

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This Thursday

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peter-72241 1384776948

can't stand the stuff myself - but always a reason to go out - even if you order a nice bourdeaux instead!

Tigger-459388 1384791494

I was at the grossiste the other day and I had the opportunity to try it.  I'm afraid Peter is right, it is horrible stuff, and I tried them all, right up to the most expensive and, supposedly, the best of the bunch.

On the other hand, one must commend the growers on one of the greatest publicity stunts in business.  A supposed race is created (when, in fact, it's already in the wholesalers) and everyone rushes to try this year's "Noveau".  It really is a most brilliant piece of marketing.

Tigger-459388 1384801376

Needless to write, "Noveau" should read, "Nouveau"

stevies-179765 1384869577

Blame the wine Tigger... ;-)

Tigger-459388 1384880873

No Stevies, it's the whisky that I needed to kill the taste of the wine.


stevies-179765 1384886595

hope your not driving tomorrow....!!!!!! 

Tigger-459388 1385060578

A good point Steve.  I always find a layby or wait for a red traffic light.


stevies-179765 1385161315

That's a major problem...!!!! you be good.

Tigger-459388 1385228966

Only joking Steve.  I have that black sense of humour.  Actually, I deplore any form of drinking and driving.

stevies-179765 1385231923

Sorry Tigger, im driving at the mo, ( using my cell phone, u can get the internet on the phone u know) very wise thing to say, anyway gotta go cos driving with 1 hand, txting and trying to hold a bottle of whiskey between my legs is very difficult.. be good hic,

BrianH-84873 1385402355

I hate to disagree with you all but, I found a very nice Beaujolais Nouveau in Nicolas. Cost a little more than the usual, 6.90 Eur, but was good enough for me to go back and buy another bottle. Of course, I had the opportunity to try a few in the shop first, and indeed there were a couple of not such good ones. 


stevies-179765 1385472453

Ok Brian, i will go and try that one.. thanks...

Tigger-459388 1385488937

Hey Brian, it's good that you give your point of view.  We are all different.  As the saying goes, "à chacun son goût".

BrianH-84873 1385489563


Cheers !

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