Cafes open Jan 3 to 10

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Dear Paris Persons Our family of four has one week in Paris Jan 3 to Jan 10. I am considering an apartment in the 2nd in Rue Favart, nearest Metro is Richeliu - Drouot. I am wondering if the local cares or restaurants will be open as it is so early in the New Year and close to the business district not tourist district. Any advice please post.Thanks Geoff

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Should you choose the apartment in Rue Favart, you will, actually, be very central. Nearby is Boulevard des Italiens, Rue du Quatre Septembre, Boulevard Haussman and, Opera. You will find a lot of restaurants and cafés. Commerce is not inclined to close down, just because it's after Christmas, in fact and with the crisis, everybody will be wanting your business.

Rue Montmartre is not far and in that road alone you will find more restaurant than you will be able to use.

Have a wonderful stay!

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