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Does anyone know somewhere we can buy rice from the Carmargue? We currently buy the whole grain rice from a local health-food shop in the 17th, but its expensive. Probably because it's Bio. Normal supermarkets such as Franprix and Carrefour City, don't seem to stock it. (Neuilly/17th area.)            

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Good afternoon,

Have you had a look at the Taureau Ailé website , where there's section called Où acheter?

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Good rice from the Camargue is inclined to be expensive, as a lot of it is Bio.  Also, there is not so much of it about.

I would start looking at "Naturalia" (which will not be cheap), "Auchan" are meant to stock it, but I'd telephone first.  Alternatively, you could try the food hall at "Galleries Lafayette" and/or "La Grande Epicerie", which has most things.  Do be aware that La Grande Epicerie is inclined to be expensive and once you're in there, I defy you to walk out without spending a lot of money - it's fabulous.

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Ok thanks.

Funnily enough we went walking in Levallois, after I posted this, and found a Naturalia, which had it in stock.

You are right Tigger, it's expensive, but they seem to have a lot of choice, unlike the other shop we used.

I'll also take a look at the Taureau website

The other suggestions sound interesting too.



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Interestingly enough, I just found it on although you would need to add postage to the price.  Here is the web page:



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