Chair de poule !

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I have to reccomend this place on rue st maur in the 11th. Quirky fun light years away from your average stuffy gastro bar AND not a rip off. 

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carla-72730 1348563834

Thanks for the recommendation - I see that their site is under construction, but at least you get the full address and tel no:

Lescypres-873147 1352015900

Brunch today looks amazin, udon noodles or truffled eggs homemade Italian sausages salad & smashed potatoes plu all you bean drink bloody Mary's or pink fizz, have got to try it!,,

Tigger-459388 1352131579

I presume that you are writing about eggs made with truffle oil, Lescypres?  If they are using real truffles, (not Chinese) and it's not costing an arm and two legs, please book me a table.

Lescypres-873147 1352132728

Hi, it was only for yesterday, you really missed something. I keep an eye on their menus via face book. Quite a gem!

Lescypres-873147 1352539634

Thanksgiving dinner solved! Guess where we are going!!!!!

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