Chicken n Chips..

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On a Sunday, homemade of course, what does everybody else have...?????

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Tigger-459388 1392742063

Chicken Kung Pao - home-made.

stevies-179765 1392747565

Chicken Kung Poa his he related to Hong Kong Phooey.... or are u to old to know that...!!!!!!!!

Tigger-459388 1392755391

Old, but I can cook, and spell.


MrRusty 1392755398

Ohhh well favorite is Yorkshire Pudding, accompanied by mounds of roast spuds and parsnips, tender roast beef, cauli cheese and carrots...bisto gravy ( I know its cheating but its lovely !) and horseraddish sauce...add some good friends and a few bottles of rouge and I am happy !

Tigger-459388 1392788331

It sounds delicious, MrRusty. 

stevies-179765 1392825679

wow Mr.Rusty, it's your house on sunday.... Roast beef with pud....!!!!

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