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I am looking for small beetroot of different colours.  I have never seen them in France and I would love to buy them.  Ideally, they would be Baby Beets and fresh (not cooked).  I would love to know where to purchase the yellow ones and the striped ones, or anything that is not the usual red.   Thank you for your help.

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Good morning,

If you have the possibility of growing your own, there are several varieties such as la crapaudine, la noire plate, la forono, la burpee's golden, la jaune géante de Vairac and la chioggia. There are  networks of fruit and veg producers in the Ile de France from whom you can regularly buy a basket or vegetable box. There is a list of places in Paris where you can find them here - 

Listes de groupes de consommateurs en AMAP d'Ile de France  - (

on -, there's - menu 415 : jolie betterave rose à l'extérieur, jaune à l'intérieur.



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Thanks Franc.  However, this is Paris and, although I do have a place in Burgundy, which has a garden, I'm looking for a reliable stockist, who can supply quality produce.  That written, you give great advice to those who want to grow beetroot.

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You can always try asking for them in the markets in Paris - By the way, there's a variety of turnip I like called boule d'or which you can cut into slices and fry with lardons and as I said, you can get lesser known vegetables from AMAP Ile de France.

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