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Is there anywhere in Paris where one can go to see how donuts are made. My friends kid is fascinated by the world of donuts (he will probably have a seizure when he visits dunkin donuts in NYC) . Id like to take this kid to see donuts being made -- somewhere in Paris.

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You could ask your local boulangerie (if they make them).  The problem might be in the hygiene regulations and the fact that donuts are deep fried in large vats and, therefore, it is a potentially dangerous situation.

Good luck!

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I don't know if you could count bagels as being similar to doughnuts, as I don't happen to be American, but you might like to try Micky's Bagels at 271 boulevard Pereire in the 17th

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Micky's is good but they don't make their bagels, they get them delivered.  Also, bagels are made in a completely different way to Donuts.

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