French for briket or pot roast

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I want to make brisket/pot roast.  At the butcher, what cut of meat do I ask for?  This recipe also asks for chili sauce which I can buy in the USA next to ketchup. What is the closest thing to this at Carrefore?

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candide44-631773 1364213790

Joints of meat are never quite the same from one country to another, but brisket would be "poitrine de boeuf" or (more commonly)  "flanchet" or "tendron".

Can't help you with the chili sauce problem, sorry!

TheoneandonlyMargaret 1364221303

You can ususlly find chilli sauces in the Mexican bit of most supermarkets(next to the enchiladas etcits called sauce au piment...and then it will say usually just how hot it is...'douce' is gently waming.....'fort' may call for the pompiers...

Also if you go to the proper butcher in the supermarket or your local shop rather than choosing off the shelves they are usually realy helpfull if you can explain what you are making (take a picture if you dont speak french !)

Enjoy !

Tigger-459388 1364485452

You can get sweet chili sauce, or ordinary chili sauce in any of the thousands of oriental traiteurs/restaurants.  Alternatively go to the "fabulous" Chinese supermarket in "Belleville", where you will find everything oriental and more besides.

Pot Roast = Pot au Feu.

Brisket = As has been mentioned, French cuts are very different.  Probably the closest are "tendron" and "flanchet"

candide44-631773 1364485827

Good advice from Tigger, who knows his food!  As well as Belleville, there is another "Chinatown" in the 13th, south of Place d'Italie.

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