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My wife is having trouble locating glazed cherries in Paris. We have tried local supermarkets, and  finally found raisins, currants and sultanas, but cherries seem to be impossible to find. Nothing in M&S neither.  My next port of call is Leclerc, but I don't hold out much hope.  Anybody have any ideas? 

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Have you tried Intermarché? They stock glazed cherries in the cake backing section in most stores. There is of course Hediard at the Madelaine that stocks every imaginable glazed fruit - but they are expensive.

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Will have to look for an Intermarche in our area, if no luck at Leclerc, this afternoon. . (Neuilly/Levallois/ 17eme)

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Lidl grocery stores.

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Found them in Leclerc, after all.

Getting the name in French is key: 'Bigareax confit' or 'Ceris confit'. Actually sored on shelves by make, rather than with baking goods per se. 

Thanks to all. 


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ah ha! or should that be "eureka"?

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