New years eve and day, any ideas for food / music

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We live near Toulouse for 9 years, this year we want to spend new year's eve and new years day in Paris, we have accommodation 10 mins walk just south of the champs elyse. Any good suggestions would be great fully recieved , we are a couple 50 +, the idea of the eiffel tower restaurant is great but the price is well out of our range at 200 plus each!

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Mick Trie-91601 1323805262

what no ideas?????

Hannah76 1323810160

There are just so many options in Paris - what type of evening are you looking for dinner, drinking, show... ? This blog might give you some ideas or how about I hear their restaurant is pretty good or you can just pop in to the wine bar for a glass or 2...

julia-72705 1323875964

mick - have to agree with the other user there is just sooo much on in Paris that it is hard to point at any one thing; it must be said though that the Champs Elysee is too crowded for most on the 31/12; by 5 pm it is usually packed with people already

beachbum-72364 1323881868

you can see restaurants - and their websites in and around the area you will be in here; that wya you can see prices,menus, etc. and make a pre-selection

Dinner cruises, as hannah points out are also a good option - see here:

blimp-91407 1323897795

Mick, there is just so much to do you wont need any help, you are staying in the centre, near champs. You say you are staying a few days, so you are not going to have time to see that much!

Im ten years your junior, I would not attempt champs on new years eve though, but you can not visit Paris without seeing the most beautiful avenue in the world!

Dont forget the wallet!

Mick Trie-91601 1323905285

many thanks is that too pay with or keep hidden!

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