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Anyone know the best targets for around paris for people interested in british groceries with a delivery service,looking to target the areas with many brits living in paris or ile de france

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I don't mean to be negative, but you did ask.

I'm not sure that there is a "target".  Most things can be bought here, if you know where to look.  Some things are hard to find, marmite is an example, but no-one can live on selling marmite or (decent) marmalade.  If a delivery service can still undercut the prices of the produce that is available, then, maybe there is a market.  The other thing is that most English people who I know have learned to adapt.

That written, I'm often wrong and I do wish you the very best in your endeavours.

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Im sorry Stevenson, but I will have to agree with Tigger. After living in Paris for 11 years, I know exactly where to buy my British comforts, even marmite! When i first moved here, i did look into ordering online but the delivery fees were rediculous, its cheaper to pay a little extra on a tin of baked beans in Carrefour than to pay the delivery costs. Of course, the best way is to just stock up each time we visit the UK, which is exactly what we do.

I probably havent been much help at all to you Stevenson, but just telling it how it is and i expect alot of Brits in Paris will e inclined to agree;

I do however wish you the best of luck!



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thankyou for your reply,we have had great success on the south side of paris as the delivery charge is only 3€,you use a lot of online sites the fees are too high,people that live 50km south of paris prefer to pay 3€ and not lose the time going into paris and shopping and losing 5 hours of their day,I can understand the point of people in paris shopping but we try to offer a wider variety than what carrefour offer and cheaper,thanks for your comments and your thought maybe right and we should stick to british targets further afield

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