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hi all, My husband and I are baptizing our son in Paris in December and have 4 adults joining us. Although the baptism will be held on a Sunday, we would like to organize a dinner for our family on Saturday night, as most of us will need to catch a train back to Geneva on Sunday afternoon. I was wondering if someone could suggest a nice, centrally located restaurant with good food/reasonable prices where we might enjoy a family meal together?  As of now, we have not booked a hotel, although we will try to find something centrally located in Paris. Thanks in advance!

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There are two or three resturants on virtually every street corner of Paris that would fulfill your needs; you might have more luck if you ask for peopel's favourites.....

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I am with Jan on this one, it might also be good to find somewhere close to your hotel. By the way I love the Paul Bert in the 11th arrondissement:

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