So Ouest opens today

7 Replies There site seems to have crashed - is this where the new Marks and Saprks is?

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BrianH-84873 1350573067

I walked down there yesterday, and can confirm that M&S is definitely there. Includes men and womens clothes, plus a food hall downstairs. I am probably going to take another look today, now that it's open.

2 weeks ago it was still a building site. I am extremely surprised thay managed to finish it.


barbie-72522 1350631751

Hooray - the Champs Elysées store is just too small and clastrophobic for me with a tiny range - good to know there is somewhere local to get some xmas goodies!

BrianH-84873 1350645198

The food hall was packed yesterday but they have plenty of tills so the queues are not too bad. They already have some "xmas goodies".

kggk 1350646852

barbie - remember the Englsih Shop in downtown Paris always stocks a good range of UK products too:

egyptiandoll 1350667271

I went this morning just to go to Marks & Spencers food hall and I didn't like it at all.  Aisles are too narrow and people are pulling these baskets on wheels that take up a lot of room.  I felt very crampled in there.  They do have lots of goodies though and there are a lot of cashiers, at least.  I long for the days when the Haussman store was open.  That was a big mistake on M&S for closing that one.  I don't think I will be going there anytime in the future.  I will send my husband to buy his tea, lol.

Tigger-459388 1351188591

Hi egyptiandoll.  Do you know that you can buy good Twinings tea in most Carrefour supermarkets? Do not be mislead by their own brands of tea as they are horribly weak.  The Twinings teas do that very rare thing, they taste of tea.


P.S. Does anyone know if Twinings will pay me for this, incredibly honest, but blatant, advertising :-) ?

egyptiandoll 1351199365

Thanks Tigger, I do know that, and I usually buy that for him, but somehow he likes the M&S brand, maybe it reminds him of growing up in Egypt, lol.

I'm sure Twinings would give you some samples of tea for your endorsement!  I'll send them an email for you, lol.

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