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anyone have any idea what is on and where?

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lindz-74604 1192728484

Try contacting one of the Amercian clubs based in Paris. here is a useful linmk for you!

stephane12 1194609831

When exactly is Thanksgiving this year?


janet-72456 1194614790

Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, see here for more information:

mavec 1194728738

This year its Houston TX for us YEEEEHAAAAAAH!

Vous devriez oursuivre votre tailleur en justice.
It's all about the 05 Arrondissement!

rail 1194732413

WOW - enjoy!

CaliforniaGirl-73372 1194969046

The Moose (the Canadian Bar) have a Thanksgiving Dinner on the 22nd of November call 01 46 33 77 00 to book a table!

CaliforniaGirl-73372 1194969673

If you are looking for all the goodies to do it all yourself - go to Thanksgiving, 20 rue St Paul in the 4th - everything from turkeys to cranberry sauce they will also cater for you if you prefer:

rdr 1195495206

A great invite to spend the day with American friends in Paris for us!

ace85driver 1195655512

Hola folks,

Do you gyus thik it's too late for thanksgivingparis? Can't seem to get through on the phone.


bbq-73102 1195659090

Just pop in and grab what's left would be my advice, do you have their address?

ace85driver 1195676431

yeah i just looked it up on the net



camille-72237 1195753210

Hope it has been a GREAT one!

Giddy-up-girl 1227287241

Just noticed this GREAT offer, have a good one next week folks!

alors 1353329471

Le St Martin have a special menu that runs from Thursday to the weekend this year

beachbum-72364 1353431996

Special Thanksgiving menu at R’Yves Restaurant, Bar & Lounge in the Marriot Rives Gauche Hotel

Reservations :
Tel : +33(0)1 40 78 79 30

Lescypres-873147 1353449177

As the un official sous taster at the Chair de poule, 141 rue St Maur, I have wrapped my taste buds around a tasting special of turkey stuffed with sourdough bread mushrooms and sage..... Oh My God! So Yummy

4 courses, unlimited wine , ONLY 34€!!

i hear you cry "can this be true?"

any one who has stepped beyond their evening Tapas menus and into the Sunday Brunch will know that this is not only true BUT now to be expected.. High standards. 

See you there, as a Brit I'll be wearing black to symbolise the loss of a colony. 

Lescypres-873147 1353450416

Sorry, thanks for the heads up re lack of info, tis for the 22 November, 20.00-22.30. Call  0143398906.  I keep track on face book. 

Ps Sherry if you paint your face in Stars and Stripes guess how I'll do mine....

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