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I have vegetarians coming to stay and they really like "Quorn" products.  Does anyone know if they are available in France and, if so, where they can be bought. Many thanks.

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Shongi 1361364039

Not sure where to find Quorn.. Quinoa, could perhaps be an alternative, packed full of protein too and perfect for vegetarians. Available at all Health shops, like Naturalia and Auchan.

Tigger-459388 1361387249

Thank you for the reply.  Yes, quinoa is readily available, however, quinoa is a seed, whereas Quorn is mushroom based and is a solid substance, which can be used to replace meat in dishes.

sam-72243 1361467469

tigger - -is quorn somehting that has to be kept refrigerated?

Cocos sister 1361519735

There is also another product, very similar called  Tivall, which is egg and wheat based but tastes very similar to quorn, I have seen this in french supermarkets, although which one escapes me...

My sister in law is vegeterian and swears by lovely veggie lasagnes, roasts etc and fish dishes, her food is amazing and has so much more taste than my meat cooking ! Using nuts, parsnips and potatoes and veg and spices the combination can be so exciting, and in my opinion far nicer that quorn ( especially if you cant buy it !)

The only other option if you cant do without it is to find an english supermarket that deliver to Paris as there are many out there !

Bon chance

Tigger-459388 1361554446

Thank you for all of your replies.  Personally, I cook vegetables for vegetarians; however, this request was made and, therefore, I tried to comply.  However, I have now sent the most obvious of emails, "Please bring Quorn with you".  :-)


Once again, thanks.

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