Which cookery class ?

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I fancy treating my other half to a cookery class this Christmas as he just loves cooking and I know would enjoy some top tips and techniques. Has anyone done this already or got any recommendations ?

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colinC-88735 1320315319

What a great idea - I whish someone would do that for me !!!! Have you looked here : http://paris.angloinfo.com/af/586/paris-and-ile-de-france-cookery-classes-and-wine-courses.html

Maybe a wine course would be easier for me??....................

Tigger-77469 1320349679

I have not tried this place but it appears to be smart,

happymum-89461 1320401376

Thankyou Tigger, I hadn't seen them on my search, but looks good...

rail 1320407555

Have done two courses with L'Atelier des Chefs - fun, most prep done and fun to do in a group as you eat what you have made after the lesson

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