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What's the best wine for under 10 euros in your opinion...???

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Can't remember when I paid more than 10€; go to your local "caviste" or even your supermarket and try out a couple of bottles at around 6€ to 8€ you are not likely to be disappointed.

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Try a Saint Emillion

There is a very easy way guess if a wine is going to be any good or not. (works most of the time)


If the name of the chateau is in a bigger font than the region,  then good wine

if the name of the region is bigger than the name of the chateau, then cheap wine.




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WICE hold regular wine tastings if you want to try a couple of wines out:

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Your local wine store will definitely advise you.  The best wine for you will depend upon what style of wine you like and what food you are going to drink it with.  It will have precious little to do with the label, or the typeface used on the label.  As has been suggested, you can get a drinkable wine for less than 10 Euros, while a half decent Burgundy will cost you a lot more.  My local caviste always asks what food is being eaten.  It's the logical question.  After that, it's down to your personal taste.

However and knowing you Steve, I have to tell you that you will not find a wine that tastes like beer, at least I hope that you won't..


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If you like red wines from the Rhone, Giugal brand is, in general, pretty reliable, and not too expensive.  

Local wine stores, even the chains, will usually give good advice. Not as chancy as supermarket wine, IMO. 

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