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If you are looking for a HIGHLY original cake check out this wb site www.oohlalacakedesign.com/eccentric cakes   Incredible!

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Hi, I am looking for a restaurant not too far from M Brochant (line 13) where a group of about 40/50 people could have dinner at the price of about 25 euros on a Saturday evening in February. Have you got any suggestion? Thanks!

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How? Total ignoramous, but would like to serve some on NY eve - whcih type to buy? What to serve it with?

started by: camille-72237 · last update: 1356346791 · posted: 1356345378

Being able to order a gammon, smoked, by my local butcher and having him gab on about the process and his skill despite the loooong Q  - love how the French take food and the process of buying it so seriously. Happy holidays to one and all!

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I am confused about the different types of eating establishments in Paris. I know that a restaurant only serves lunch and dinner, has more formal service (whatever that means) and may be more expensive. What confuses me mostly is the difference between a café, a bistro and a brasserie. I know they usually have "service continuu", have less formal service, all seem to serve alcohol  and have lower prices than restaurants, but what distinguishes one from the other?

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I happen to be holding a reservation at Frenchies, a table for 4, for the 21:30 seating for Thanksgiving evening, 22 November. It's a prix fix menu, around 45 euros per person, etc. And my clients cancelled at the last minute.  Anyone who wants it, it's all yours! As you may know, this resto is booked in advance for months. Just to be clear, the meal is not free, I am merely offering up the reservation. Contact me by email, first come, first served, and I'll give you the reservation details.  te.demalet@gmail.com

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anyone have any idea what is on and where?

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I have to reccomend this place on rue st maur in the 11th. Quirky fun light years away from your average stuffy gastro bar AND not a rip off. 

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I am looking for small beetroot of different colours.  I have never seen them in France and I would love to buy them.  Ideally, they would be Baby Beets and fresh (not cooked).  I would love to know where to purchase the yellow ones and the striped ones, or anything that is not the usual red.   Thank you for your help.

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www.soouest.com There site seems to have crashed - is this where the new Marks and Saprks is?

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I was thinking about a recipe for mackerel, that I love, and this made me realise that I have never seen gooseberries in France.  Am I wrong?  Do they exist?  If so, can somebody tell me where I can buy a bush, or even, just the berries? Many thanks.

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For this and other fun events in October - check out Kadi's blog here: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/cinematic-paris/2012/10/04/what-to-do-in-paris-in-october/

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Does anyone know somewhere we can buy rice from the Carmargue? We currently buy the whole grain rice from a local health-food shop in the 17th, but its expensive. Probably because it's Bio. Normal supermarkets such as Franprix and Carrefour City, don't seem to stock it. (Neuilly/17th area.)            

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Believe that such a scheme is underway for some resturants and bistros in view of the upcoming "semaine de gout" when is that week and where to find more info?

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Where is his restaurant? Went to one of the judges (Ghislaine Arrabian) places and loved it; would like to try Jean's spot - although presume he will now be booked out for months...

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Seem to have mislaid my trusty family recipe :-( Anyone have one that is fool proof?

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We live near Toulouse for 9 years, this year we want to spend new year's eve and new years day in Paris, we have accommodation 10 mins walk just south of the champs elyse. Any good suggestions would be great fully recieved , we are a couple 50 +, the idea of the eiffel tower restaurant is great but the price is well out of our range at 200 plus each!

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What products being sold in Paris are most similar to (Glad) Clingwrap and (Hefty) Baggies??

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Dear Paris Persons Our family of four has one week in Paris Jan 3 to Jan 10. I am considering an apartment in the 2nd in Rue Favart, nearest Metro is Richeliu - Drouot. I am wondering if the local cares or restaurants will be open as it is so early in the New Year and close to the business district not tourist district. Any advice please post.Thanks Geoff

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I fancy treating my other half to a cookery class this Christmas as he just loves cooking and I know would enjoy some top tips and techniques. Has anyone done this already or got any recommendations ?

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