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I use PAM on pans when I make a roast to avoid anything sticking. Where in Paris can I find PAM or a similar product? Barry (BMC0199@aol.com)

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Several months ago I was taken to a restaurant on Rue de Verriere (near La Pave). This place was downstaires, very big and the decor was like the inside of an old stone church. The portions were huge. The owners/managers are Indian and Chinese.Does anyone know the name of this place? Barry BMC0199@aol.com

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I want to make a recipe which calls for BUTTERMILK. What product can I buy at a big supermarket or small cremerie that is similar to buttermilk? Barry BMC0199@aol.com

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wondering if there is anywhere to get sausages and bacon ?

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Recently returning to Paris for holiday we found that our favourite cafe/restaurant 'Temps Perdu' has closed. It was on Rue de Seine in the 6th. There appeared to be builders in behind the closed doors - we are hoping it's going to re-open. Anyone know anything??Many thanks in advance, Houghton

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Hello. I am looking for somebody to cater a private dinner party. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hello, I am about to start living and working in Paris and love to eat good food. Where is the best place to look for reliable restaurant reviews?Thanks. Sally

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I know this is a long shot but I'm hoping you can help with my vague discription: my partner & I visited Paris for 5 Weeks Jul - August 2010we were really taken by a Cafe Restraurant in 7th err. we took a photo of it, but we lost our travel diary with the details of it, O.K. here goes It is in a direct line (15 Minutes Max)walking between Rue du Grenelle, near Hotel de Invallides, & the Eiffel Tour.We saw it @ night, it has a light colored awning, and only has PARIS on the Awning.there is also outside dining. it is in a tree lined streetRegards A&M

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I believe that there is a really great sushi place on the quai de Grenelle with unlimited sushi for 10 or 12 €s at lunch time - anyone know what it's called and the exact address?

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My local Carrefour has begun to carry a (limited) range of gluten free bread and cakes

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Need recipe please - have lost mine!

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Hi, does anyone know of a restaurant in Paris, that sells wheat free pizza....?

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I know I am a bit late thinking about this but does anyone know of anywhere that sells haggis (fresh or frozen but not tinned) in Pairs? Alternatively does anyone know of any special Burns Night events happening in the city? Thanks.

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Hello.. If anyone has a tried & tested awesome, moist recipe for Chocolate fondant cakes... please would send it to me.. I have looked on the internet... there are loads..but I think getting one from this forum would be worth a try.. Have a super festive season..

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Can anyone recommend a good, not overly expensive, restaurant for Christmas day. We live in south-west France, but spending Christmas in Paris between the Louvre and Opera. We would have liked a traditional turkey dinner, but it's not essential. Location, I suppose, is not critical, since the Metro runs constantly, so happy to travel for a good recommendation. I did email our hotel and asked if they could recommend somewhere, their reply was 'Oui'......nothing else, very helpful indeed!! I hope someone can help, and I thank you for your time.

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Where would you recommend taking someone who just has an afternoon in Paris for lunch? Need to be near the RER B for the airport - that is why I thought of the Luxembourg area; know there are a lot of great places in the area, but would love something authentic and reasonable with a great atmosphere - ideas?

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I would like to make an order with LaMaisonShopping services for the first time and before I do just wondered if anyone has used them and would like to give me any feedback/recommendations please? thanks sucre

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For ounces to grammes and fahrenheit to centigrade trying to make flap jacks and my mom's old recipe seems to date from the pre-hisotric era...

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Hi, As normal, i get restaurant tickets from work, but to try to economise a bit i want to do my shopping using my restaurant tickets and make my own lunch for when i go to work. Does anyone know any supermarkets that accepts restaurant tickets as payment for general food shopping? I really would appreciate any answers please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance.

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I'm a long-time expat, and I've been trying to compile a list of coffee shops in Paris. No, not cafés with little tables and espresso, but "coffee shops" as in filtered coffee, American newspapers, free wi-fi. So I thought I'd share my list so far and see what others out there might know. Most of the choices below don't totally have a coffeeshop feel, but the one big exception is Sugarplum Cake Shop, which feels totally like an American coffee shop. La Ferme Opéra 55 Rue Saint-Roch 75001 Paris Illy Cafe (no wifi) They of course serve the Illy brand coffee and have a variety of unusual Italian-type specialty drinks. They also have newspapers set out and jelly-stuffed croissants. 13, Rue Auber, 75009 Paris Malongo Café (free wifi for 20 minutes) They serve their own coffee, the Malongo brand, counter service and a nice change of pace from going to a Starbucks. 50 Rue St André des Arts 75006 Paris Sugarplum Cake Shop (free wifi). www.sugarplumcakeshop.com By far, this is the most authentic as an American style coffee shop, with free refills on filtered coffee and rice krispie treats! What's also fascinating about this place is that they are a specialty cake shop (for some lucky lady dreaming about a Wedding Cake in Paris). 68 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine 75005 Paris Phone: +33 (0) 1 46 34 07 43 Starbucks (No free wifi, you have to pay) Mostly I've left Starbucks off this list, but this is an exception location. It seems to be located in a sumptuous former bank, with faux-marble columns, mirrors everywhere, overstuffed chairs and an early 20th century faux-Baroque painting on the ceiling. It's really only good in the morning, otherwise too crowded. 3, boulevard des Capucines 75002 Paris Le Fumoir 6 rue de l’amiral Coligny 75001 Paris

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