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Heads up for a neat place to eat! cool brasserie 141 rue st maurs 75010 called Chair de Poule, really different, worth a visit!!!

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Does anyone know of any good places to buy and/or drink Whisky in Paris? Not looking for your normal stuff you get in any supermarket. Thanks.

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how much is that in ml?

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Esp Sancerre, any outlets to recommend

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Look no furhter mates than your local Monop' (NB NOT the same as Monoprix, see addresses at end of link)!!! Products available as of 11/1/10 fo 5 weeks, if like me seeing "Invictus" has given you a terrible bout of home-sickness, head down to your local monop' before i buy all the amarula! http://www.manapani.com/clients/monop10/MONOP_10.pdf

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Hi allI am looking for suggestions of a venue in Paris which could cater for up to 60 people. To provide a reception, dinner and space to dance. All within a budget of 50€ per person. If you have any ideas I would love to hear them as the event is in 5 weeks !!!Thank-youSinead

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For info, Nicolas (the wine sellers) now have 4 of their shops that have a restaurant attached, so you can choose a bottle of wine in the shop (at any price) and then drink it with cheese/or charcuterie or a proper meal for just 3euros more. We tried the Bercy shop and although the atmosphere of the restaurant was quite cafeteria like, the concept is good as it works out much cheaper.

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I hear that prices of food and alcohol can be very high in this area. Does anyone know any less expensive options in repect of Both of the above. Also where to go to watch 6 Nations games. France v Wales Friday night. And England v IRELAND Sat afternoon ? Any info welcome. Regards, and thanks.

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tired of my usual haunts, somewhere nice with good food and tables far enough apart to have a business lunch meeting for four

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i know that epiphany is over - but cannot believe the price of them this year - our local bakery in neuilly is charging 53€ (!!!) for the privilege; any recommendations/suggestions for nice reasonlably priced gallettes?

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Can anyone reccommend a good place to buy wine online, so that i can get it at a discount.

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I've recently moved to the 19th and would really like to impress friends with good restaurants when they visit. Especially any that cater for vegetarians. Can anyone recommend anything please? Many thanks.

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Hello Am spending new year in Paris this year and was wondering if anyone had any sugegstions for non touristy places to spend new years eve. Somewhere to eat and have some drinks. Thanks!

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Have they closed their shop in Paris??? They also did home delivery which was great.... Thought I'd stock up for Xmas... but can't find their paris website.

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A little bird told me that an American can go to the US Embassy to buy their large stock of American food. Does anyone know more about this? Thanks. Alex

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My Yorkshires puddings keep turning out looking like pizza bases where am I going wrong - any tips?

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i would like to make my own cake so am looking for some good info on recipes and icing all ideas welcome

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Hi, We will be coming to Paris in October and staying near Port d'Italy, Yes I know it's China Town, We are bringing our niece who has never been to Paris before and would like to go to a Parisien restaurant near or on the metro line without too much changing, 2 young kids in tow, Oh and we run are Normandy farmers not stock brokers so nothing too expensive, Cheers Martyn and Mary

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Today, I went to the Sunday market at Basilique de St. Denis. It's close (by car) and it's enormous, with a huge choice. The prices are seriously low and I will be a regular from now on. I drove there and the simplest directions are as follows: Peripherique - A1 towards Charles de Gaulle airport - 1st exit, towards St. Denis - follow signs to centre of town - follow signs to car park "Basilique" - Park and walk up the stairs to the market. I hope this helps people. If you know of any other markets (other than the usual ones in Paris), do let us all know.

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Pickle recipes? I have a lot of vegetables from the garden that would be great pickled. Have searched websites, but want one from someone who has one they like, please.Can be hot, sweet, etc.Thanks!

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