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I'd like to ship some framed artwork and small furniture items from Paris to San Diego, CA.  Not a clue where to start. Can anyone advise?

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Good evening, I recently suffered a burglary and the front door needs to be completely repaired. But the insurance only covers damages up to 1500 euros, while the estimate for the repair of the door amounts to over 2500 euros. Do you know if it is possible to decline this quote and provide a cheaper one to insurance to cover the cost of repairing the door?

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Hi, I'm new in Paris and dying to buy some Parisian fashion (on a budget!). I have no idea where to shop and have looked at the major places like Bon Marche, Monoprix, and Galleries Lafayette. Any ideas on where to go? Any help is appreciated!

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Hi, Does anyone have experience of using carers in Paris? My disabled friend with MS is unable to find carers who actually care: she has tried many different agencies, always with the same poor results, meaning that she is now receiving shockingly poor care, tantamount to neglect. She needs people who just do their jobs properly and with a modicum of care, but this seems to be impossible. If anyone can recommend someone they've used, or even if you know whether there's a watchdog organisation for care providers, I'd be really interested. Thank you!

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Hello everyone, I saw this and thought that it might be useful for some of you.Become an English Instructor with Babylangues: As an instructor you will Teach children by incorporating English in their daily routines, woads rk flexible hours (5-20h/week) adapted to your schedule, receive training, material and regular lesson plans, see French culture & join the life of a French family, join a network of international people & get help settling into France and have a French part-time open-ended contract (CDI). No prior teaching qualifications required and no french needed! We accept all levels of French. The salary ranges from 10.45€ to 16.50€ net per hour. If you're interested in applying, here is the link: https://job-in-france.babylangues.com/apply/

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Hi everybody.As i was watching recent Vanlife videos on youtube i wonder if thats possible in France. So there is a bunch of questions that i am looking to get answers for:       -----  All i am talking about is converting a simple Van "box" into a full living house. -----1. Can i own as a simple citizen a big Van (like a long and tall sprinter)..? 2. Is it allowed to self convert a Van?3. Are there any regulations for converting a Van into a Camper? Should i re-register the vehicle adding on paper a new type of vehicle like "caravan"?4. For how long could i travel out of France without ..registering my vehicle to another country? ..or getting a fine??If anyone has knowledge or experience on DIY Van conversions and policys in Europe could be very helpful too!Thank you!

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Hello, I have a simple but important question:Can a boss in France, force me to take vacation time in Aug? The boss closes the office, & forces everyone to use their saved up vacation time.Is this legal ? merci

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Hi guys. I have just started to make resin tables in my spare time. Hoping to set a company up soon but for the moment it's a side thing .Just wondering if anyone has any information about buy and sell markets or any small 2nd hand stores etc in the Paris/île de France région that buy hand crafted furniture etc. Any kind of information would be greatly appreciated, Thanks a lot, Daniel 

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Looking for a spare room or studio flat in Paris to rent. For a serious masters student doing a six months work experience. To start beggining of March. Thank you in advance. 

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See here for more info: https://www.timeanddate.com/time/change/france/paris 

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Hi everyone, my family and i wish to come to paris over the weekend of the 13,14 and 15 of July. We are looking for somewhere to stay for the nights of the 13th and 14th and possibly the night of the 12th also. If you have something or know of someone that does, please get back to me. It will be my husband and i and our 3 daughters (9,11 and 13 years old)Thanking you in advance.kind regards

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Access to line 4 of the metro is closed at the Gare du Nord; best to just walk to the Gare de l'Est and take 4 from there. Line 5 is currently very busy from the Gare du Nord - expecially at rush hour!

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Hello, I am looking to find a person, or group , to practice French speaking with. Maybe lunch time ? at cheapie MCDO ?  I failed my B1 conversation exam, and need to become better. My job & VISA require my improvement..I have text books to use to read and follow, I just need someone / or many .. to correct me ..Share any ideas you have for helping me. merci :)

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I’m renting a studio (hlm) top floor (4) on a landing of 4 , two  two apartments and two studios, my interior wall is the neighbors also and the level of noise at night is over the top and can continue past 1am , I’ve done the usual things and the recorded letters and nothing gets done. On my most recent visit to the houseing office they told me I should call the police each time, tapage nocturnal, and they have to hear and decide if it’s loud and there’s always a possibility that by the time they arrive it’s calm and I could be prosecuted. So can anyone share any similar experiences and they got resolved.

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Due to these new regulations in Paris on short term rentals, what is the actual status now? How strictly is it enforced and what are the penalties? I rent in Paris - and also am in the process of buying an apartment and am considering renting it or having part of the apartment rented out when I am not in Paris. I will be grateful for any suggestions from home owners. Thanks! 

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Cosy single room in a two bedroom flat ,  in quiet, secured and safe area. Shared bathroom & kitchen. 40 minute away from Paris from Gare Du Lyon. Next to the train station.  – 450 euros/ for female student. Email : nyamburarose35@gmail.com

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Hello everyone, I am desperately looking for a native american who moved to Paris and who is looking for a job in ecommerce. If you know anyone could you give him/her my name for an introduction. thanks to you all

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My car is broken and I am desperate for a truck to take it to Peugeot garage in Celle, it is now at Croissy sur Seine, Help please, it is near the Seine and about to float away thanks

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Need advice. My 6 year old has asked santa for a skylander figure, it is not too expensive but sold out everywhere(Ireland & UK). Well I have managed to buy one on ebay.com, but they wont ship to Ireland /uk. So I tried to talk him out of asking for it but he just says Santa will make it happen. I have family in Paris so I managed to ask seller to send it there now. It wont arrive till 21/22 Dec. Now I'm wondering how do I get it from Paris to Ireland in time for the big visit....Help

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As of 23:00 this evening evening, the rue Royale running from the Concorde to the Madeleine will be pedestrianized and no vehicles will be able to use the Champs Elysées as of tomorrow morning. Unless you are a fan and wish to take part in this event, it would be best to avoid the area as hundreds of thousands of mourners are expected to take part.

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