Can you travel to Guadeloupe with a titre de sejour

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Hello,I just wanted to check that I can travel to Guadeloupe with a titre de sejour. I remember a few years ago I had a French tourist visa and I had to apply for a separate visa to visit the island. Thanks in advance, K

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You will need a visa if you come from one of the countries on this list, a "carte de séjour" is not a visa; but you may hold a passport which allows you to travel to the island, as a tourist, without a visa, see full info here: 

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Thanks @karen-72236. Does this mean I need to travel back home just to get the visa? I know a titre de sejour isn't a visa but it gives me the right to travel to Schengen countries and it's allowed to enter back into France multiple times from abroad?

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Hey again. Managed to get in touch with border police (prefecture des etrangers). In fact it is possible to travel to Guadeloupe on a titre de sejour as it is a department of Franc :)

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