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I need to get a certified copy of my passport. I asked at the town hall but they will do it for free but only for French passports. The British consualet wants to charge 30 pound. An outrageous cost, considering they already charge 160 euros for the passport to begin with; almost double the cost in UK.   I don't have an accountant or lawyer, but anyway they would probably charge a lot. Can anyone suggest someone  else who could do this?  Thanks

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Have you tried your local police station?

BrianH-84873 1437746765

No, but I suspect I will get the same answer as from the Mairie.

Thanks for the sugeestion. 

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As far as I am aware the necessity for certified copies of documents no longer exists in France so the Town Hall will not provide this service for any document required within France.  However, our Town Hall will stamp a document "certified" if you are an expat and need it for use  OUTSIDE of France, would suggest you photocopy your passport yourself and then ask them to view and stamp.

BrianH-84873 1437855770

Mimicat, This is exactly what I wanted them to do but they told me it was not possible. They would defiinitely do it for a French document.

Maybe I will try again. It could be the guy, I spoke to,  did not really understand what I wanted..

The document is needed for the UK in regard to a  pension compensation claim. 

Mimicat-87063 1437900096

on Pratique France


it has the following information:


Plusieurs organismes peuvent établir une copie certifiée conforme, en fonction du type de document à valider. L’acte est gratuit, il sera établi sur présentation de la copie et de l’original. 

Several organisations can establish a certified copy, depending on the type of document to confirm. The act is free, it will be established on presentation of the copy and the original.

Vous pouvez vous adresser :

  • à la mairie ou mairie d’arrondissement : pour les documents réclamés par une administration étrangère ;

  • au tribunal d’Instance : pour les décisions de justices ;

  • auprès d’un notaire : pour la copie d’actes juridiques ou authentiques ;

  • auprès d’une ambassade ou d’un consulat : pour la demande de conformité de documents établis à l’étranger.

We’ve never had a problme with our Town Hall, maybe it 's because it’s a Passport and they don’t understand what the certified copy is needed for.  


Good luck



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I asked at our Marie for a copy with their stamp and a signature on it...which they did happily..nothing was written on it by either me of them and it seemed to do the trick...(it was for a UK solicitor) maybe it was the word certified which implied a legal process...try just asking for a copy with the stamp. Bon chance !

lolla-92437 1437995241

Brian - just wanted to add that you now apply for your renewal of the passport on line and by post !! and its much cheaper and really quick ! https://www.gov.uk/overseas-passports £102.86 which includes the £19.86 courier delivery ! Just info for you for next time !!

BrianH-84873 1438601246

Thanks to all for the helpfull replies. 

BrianH-84873 1439390232

I managed to get my bank to stamp and initial it, for free, which has since been accepted in the UK. 

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After reading things here and elsewhere and just knowing French bureaucracy I was very scared to get this done. In the end I was amazed at how simple and easy the entire process was. I went to my Marie (Marie du 12ème Paris) and ask the lady at the front desk for a Copie Certifiée Conforme and they directed time to the correct bureau. A lady there asked me if I had a copy, and when I said no directed me to their machine where I obtained one for 10c. I moved from there to another booth where a lady asked which country it was for (Ireland) and set about stamping it a million times. The date, the marie, the officer, the fact it was a copy and finally a funky embossed logo of the crest of Paris. Vola. All done. In and out in under 5min. 

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tontine-186735 1509716969

Well we tried this in the Mairie in Vallauris and got a firm NON very helpful people, say you have to have a signed request from a solicitor in french

BrianH-84873 1509722847

It obviously depends, very much on where you live. Normally our Mairie is very helpful and efficient. For example Certificate de Vie (Life certificate),  is very easy to obtain, after the initial visit.

lolla-92437 1510846404

I do think it depends on your prefecture and your marie as well, ours are happy to take a copy and stamp and sign it and the prefecture didnt turn a hair.

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