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I’m renting a studio (hlm) top floor (4) on a landing of 4 , two  two apartments and two studios, my interior wall is the neighbors also and the level of noise at night is over the top and can continue past 1am , I’ve done the usual things and the recorded letters and nothing gets done. On my most recent visit to the houseing office they told me I should call the police each time, tapage nocturnal, and they have to hear and decide if it’s loud and there’s always a possibility that by the time they arrive it’s calm and I could be prosecuted. So can anyone share any similar experiences and they got resolved.

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Have you asked your landlord to intervene on your behalf?

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I’ve been in contact since September, letters  recorded, vists verbal, the landlord has written to the woman also. And now they are saying that I need to call the police who should attend and listen and judge, It seems she moved here to be near her daughter who has children who are almost always there. When does babysitting even for family become a job? Can I say the flat is being used as a work place? 

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You might have no option but to get the gendarmes involved :(

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I have been in a similar situation, some time ago. After getting nowhere by asking politely and by talking to the landlord.  I went and discussed it with the police.  I was told, as others have suggested to you, to call the police if the noise is excessive. However, I was also told to record the noise. I do not know if this will help, but I do hope that the situation improves for you.

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