What is the status of AirBnB in Paris?

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Due to these new regulations in Paris on short term rentals, what is the actual status now? How strictly is it enforced and what are the penalties? I rent in Paris - and also am in the process of buying an apartment and am considering renting it or having part of the apartment rented out when I am not in Paris. I will be grateful for any suggestions from home owners. Thanks! 

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Southern Guy 1515966845

I have a friend that works for the mayor and his job is to search out these law breaking, tax evading people ( all expats )  and bring them to justice.

If you think you are above the law or will not get caught, go for it..

Tigger-459388 1516035634

Southern Guy, you seem to be riding a personal hobby horse, here.

Tigger-459388 1516035686

Also, please note that Southern Guy cannot be found among the members.

Andrew-James-919753 1516203078

Southern Guy 'pops up' on most AI forums, usually riding his hobby horse, no matter what the subject.

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