Where to shop for Plus Size Clothes in Paris?

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Hi, I'm new in Paris and dying to buy some Parisian fashion (on a budget!). I have no idea where to shop and have looked at the major places like Bon Marche, Monoprix, and Galleries Lafayette. Any ideas on where to go? Any help is appreciated!

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abba-73234 1158917739

Difficult - cause the French women are generally tiny - there are however a number of wholesalers that also sell to the public in the Blvd Sebastapol; from Les Halles and going North that stock larger sizes and interesting stuff; need to be patient and take your time though...

Sassafrass 1158924652

There a shop called NOCOMPLEX  in the 20th that has really cute stuff with a young trendy flair. Its a specialist in "Grandes Tailles" and carries size 40 to 60. They have a website with the pictures of the latest collection. So you can check that out to see if its your style venturing out there. 

Web: http://www.nocomplex.net/index.php

Address: 36 Boulevard de Charonne 75020 Paris
Téléphone : 01 43 73 57 03

monterymer 1158938284

Thanks, Abba ... I will take my time and enjoy the search!

monterymer 1158938328

Thanks Sassafras - the email link helped. I will check them out! Can't keep going to London everytime I need a sweater!

Patty-73040 1159195264

For those of you out there that have 'plus size' feet, and can never find the right size shoe, let me recommend Sacapuce. It has sizes 40-47 and lots of cute styles to choose from. Oh and the prices are actually affordable!

Sacapuce Boutique
13 rue de Clignqncourt
75018 Paris
01 46 06 49 06

Ally-73443 1161611495

I like Ulla Popken on Boulevard Haussmann, not too far from the grands magasins - they have a website, http://www.ullapopken.fr

Actually I quite often go to Belgium or Germany to buy clothes, the selection is much better than in France, and the salespeople have a better attitude - I was told by one that she wouldn't allow me to try on size 52, because she thought I should take size 46! And my cousin had one who patted her hips and said, here is the problem. Liesel, who is quite tall, patted her on the head and said "here's your's".

barbie-72522 1161628782

Ally, your posting made me laugh ;-)

janet-72456 1169650919

Have just found this very interesting thread and was wondering if the kind folk at angloinfo would not consider opening a "large and tall" clothing page?

Really difficult to find good addresses for those of us with "traditional builds"

bd-73191 1169750633

Have the best address in Paris for large and tall ladies - Grandiva - run by a Franco-Dutch team. Hilde the Dutch girl speaks perfcet English; superb range of clothes, casual - work - cocktail - even have boots for women with calves. Welcoming and friendly with excellent non-intrusive service. Super sexy underwear as well...

41 rue Dulong, 75015, Métro: Rome.

janet-72456 1169906300

Ohla, checked out that GRANDIVA recommendation and it is a gem, a small but super selection and really friendly service! Thanks bd.

Carlita-74224 1176170125

Does anybody have similar advice for large Gents sizes?

kim-72239 1176191210

Capel K stock big and tall men's clothing - details can be found here: http://paris.angloinfo.com/af/220/paris-clothes-shoes-and-accessories.html

gene-74213 1176209569

There's one called Big and Nice for larger men near Nation. Not sure of address.

janet-72456 1185397094

Found a new good one, if you count a French size 50 as plus sized; good clothes for a working wardrobe and/or special event: http://www.un-jour-ailleurs.com/

lindz-74604 1185449380

Have you tried Elena Miro? They have fashionable plus size clothes.

bb-73099 1185555951

no where are they?

gina-72284 1191337571

bb - only just seen your question, sorry to leave you hanging

see here for their website - two stores in paris and also have some floor space in galleries lafyette http://www.elenamiro.com/

saffy-74603 1191339627

Have you tried Elena Miro? They have very attractive clothes for larger ladies!

Carlita-74224 1191356256

For shopping on a budget, absolutely stay clear of places like Bon Marche, Monoprix, and Galleries Lafayette (except for browsing.) They are hugely overpriced tourist traps. Les Halles and surrounding streets offer endless choices of conventional clothing at standard prices. Your neighborhood Monoprix is often a good bet for clothing and almost anything else. For the more adventurous, the shops with open stalls along Blvd Clichy east of abt Blvd Pigalle through Gare du Nord in the 9th. Lots of tourist junk there, mixed with a few ok buys. For the determined shopper, there's the flea markets that focus on clothes like:

3rd Arrondissement
Temple – shops
Carreau du Temple
Rue Eugene-Spuller and rue Du petit-Thouars
Every day except Monday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Rue Perree and rue Du petit-Thouars
Every day except Monday from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m.
Metro : Temple or Arts et Metiers


14th Arrondissement
Between rue Brezin, rue Saillard, rue Mouton-Duvernet and rue Boulard.
Metro : Mouton-Duvernet
Tuesday, Friday, Sunday 10.30 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.
from October to March and closing at 7:30 pm from April to September

plus the big weekend flea markets on the edge of town.

None of the above specialize in oversize clothes and, in my experience a US size 14 and up constitutes "oversize" on the Paris retail scene.

Have fun.

bb-73099 1191359689

Thanks for all the info, thanks esp to Carlita for the "insiders guide" to the Paris clothes scene!

Krystyna-75884 1204654032


Even though this topic is not recent, I would like to add some info.

Having lived in Paris for quite some years, I have two favourite sources of plus-size ladies clothes.

I really like the department store, C and A - ladies sizes "grandes tailles" from 46-48 to 58-60, and quite fashionable and cheap !

Par exemple, a cute printed and glitzy 3/4 sleeve tee-shirt top for 25 euro.

There are 3 stores in central Paris ... rue de Rivoli (metro Chatelet), blvd Haussmann, and Montparnasse.

For styles that are very trendy and upmarket, but a bit pricey,

try Giani Forté ... http://www.gianiforte.fr/

camille-72237 1204662238

on the contrary krystyna, thank you for your suggestions - very useful and I agree that C&A have cheap and cheerful options for the "rounder" figure

Krystyna-75884 1204667638

You're welcome, camille !

There are also a couple of little boutiques on rue St Martin in the 3ème that go up to size 54/56/58 - with a lot of Italian imports - very very nice and not too expensive ...

Concetta-76241 1208169465

I was in Paris in March - found this excellent shop - not only fashionable clothes for larger sizes but the staff were extremely friendly!!! 42 au 60

Jean Marc Philippe

92 rue d'Alesia 75014, 95 rueSaint Lazare/09th, Centre Commercial Rosny2 ave de General de Gaulle/93110 Rosny Sous Bois


Concetta-76241 1208170026

OOPs....forgot to say that HM (I think that is the name) also on rue Rivoli just down from the C & A store...also offer a small selection of large women's sizes.

beachbum-72364 1208885620

Have to add my voice to the GRANDIVA fans, super service!

Emeline-Briant-967817 1597141166

Hi monterymer i recommend you the shop Charleselie94 they have been selling plus size clothings for 15 years. All people I advised this shop are happy now 

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Emeline-Briant-967817 1597143047

Hi monterymer i recommend you the shop Charleselie94 they have been selling plus size clothings for 15 years. All people I advised this shop are happy now 

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