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Hi All,  This feels like a very trivial question in the grand scheme of things!  However, here I go.... I have glued in hair extensions that need to be removed soon.  My stylist at home usually removes them with great care and it takes a few hours. Would anyone know or reccommend a good salon, where perhaps some english is spoken, where I can get them removed here in Paris or the Western Suburbs? Thank you in advance Morag

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This is a question that would be relevant only to US citizens over 65 and spending much of their time abroad:  does anyone know if it is possible to suspend your Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D premiums when you are out of the US?  The penalties for not enrolling when eligible are prohibitive, and the premium costs are substantial, especially since Medicare covers no expenses incurred outside the US.  My wife and I live in France now, and have coverage in France, but we may return to the US at some time in the future and would then need Medicare coverage.  Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.

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https://www.sante.fr/cf/centres-vaccination-covid.html  Even if you think you are not eligible (yet) contact your local centre; many are making appointments and distributing vaccines as they are delivered. The programme offering vaccinations in pharmacies (for any adult) is about to start as well.

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Hi,I am a qualified Speech and Language Therapist with 9 years of experience working in the UK. I specialise in neuro-rehabilitation. I speak near-fluent French. My (French) husband and I are considering moving to France and I wanted to find out more information about working as an SLT in France:- Has anyone done the qualification conversation and if so, do you have any tips? How long does it take? What evidence do they require?- Once qualified to practise in France, how easy is it to find work in the area of adult neuro?All tips/sign-posts/contacts appreciated.Many thanks,Alice

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Hello! I will be relocating to Paris in September, so I wanted to share that I didn't see Adult Children of Alcoholics/Other Dysfunctional Families in our AngloInfo Directory of Support Groups, so here's a link to get you started. http://www.meetings.adultchildren.org/find-a-meeting1#results.If you know of a group, but don't see it listed, feel free to fill out the group listing form. For any other questions, feel free to reach out to me at LLFinan@live.com and I will be happy to help as best I can to help you find fellowship. Yours in service.

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Dear fellow expats,Because expats' mental health matters, I embarked on this piece of research which should help those who reach out to an online therapist to get a better support.If you had an experience of psychotherapy online, please share your thoughts.Taking this anonymous survey should not take you more than 5 minutes.To take the survey: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/onl …For general questions and queries regarding the survey, please contact Anastasia Piatakhina Giré: anastassia.gire@metanoia.ac.uk

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Hi,Does anyone have info for English Speaking doctors in or near to Courbevoie? Specifically a Generaliste, Gynocologist (female), and an obstetrician? If you could send me the info at clowsalomon@gmail.com I would really apprectiate it! Thanks!

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Hi! I would like to know if anyone on this group have any experience on english speaking speech and occupational therapists.  My son is 5 years old, he is a French citizen but he grew up in the US, he is currently receiving both therapies here in the US.  Please share if you have any experience, I would also would like to know the costs or it works with the social services in France. 

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Can anyone recommend a physio who uses hydrotherapy? My doctor recommended one in the 7th...but that is an hours drive for me to get there... so I was hoping to find someone on the western side of Paris or the 'proche banlieue'... thanks

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Hello, I'm looking for a good mobile hairdresser in Paris or surrounding suburbs willling to travel to Antony 92160. Prefearbly English speaking but not necessary. Thanks!!

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Hello, I recently had surgery on my knee and I'm looking for a good physical therapist.  I can only seem to find chiropractors and acupuncturist when I look online.  What are they called here and does anyone know of a good center that provides true rehabilitation post surgery?  Thanks in advance! ;-) 

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I'm looking for a doctor who practises naturopathy.... would be grateful if anyone could recommend one either in Paris or western suburbs...I specifically want a doctor rather than a naturopath because I have quite a complicated medical history....thanks

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Hello!I am looking for the General Doctor in Paris accessible English communication. Any recommendataion would be very helpful. Thank you!!

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Hi,I am looking for a private swimming lesson teacher who speaks English.  I am living in the 15th. Any leads would be appreciated. Thank you.Jill

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I'm sure this topic exists somewhere, but I'm new on the site. I'm looking for a personal trainer or bootcamp in the 17eme. I often see groups of people working out at the Stade Paul Faber, but can't find any information online. If anyone knows a trainer or group in this area, please let me know.

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Hi everyone I am really looking for a dentist who can speak English .i am new in France and I can't speak French .is anyone can help me what I need . I live in 13 Paris.

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Afternoon all, Can anyone recommend an English speaking Endocrinologist in the Paris area particulary one that can prescribe Armour thyroid for hypothyroidism.  Thank in advance!

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Having been recently diagnosed with osteoporosis, it has been recommended that I do Pilates specifically for osteoporosis sufferers..... and I'd prefer to do this with an UK trained physio? Anyone know one in Paris or western suburbs? Thanks 

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