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I apparently need to choose a GP and always go to see that one, but I don't know how to choose one. Do I need to go and see one close to where I live or can I choose any Dr, ie one near work? Also do I need to go to the Drs office and register or do I need to get some sort of form, or do I just wait until I need to see a Dr?

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okay60 1256631728

As far as I know, you dont *have* to use the same doctor. I mean, they cant force you to see one particular doctor if you dont want to. Your free to use any doctor you wish. You shouldnt need to register, just book an apointment with any doctor when you need one and they should take your details directly when you arrive.

beachbum-72364 1256633389

lili - you do not to nominate a "medicin traitante" or your social security will only pick up 30% of your medical costs; you do need a form which you get from your GP and then send on to you CPAM (Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie)

LiliLala 1256649012

Thanks - but what if I go choose one, then don't like him/her. Is it possible to change or am I stuck with that one until I move.

I don't want to be reimbursed less if I don't choose one.

And what about a specialist dr, do I need to choose a gynaecologist or dermatologist or can I just go see anyone?

okay60 1256655971

anyone is fine. you will always get the form to send off.

catherine r-75427 1256749405


You can go and see a gynaecologist, an ophtalmologist, a paediatrician and a dentist without a referral. For all other specialists you need a referral from your GP or you won't be reimbursed as much.

You can change your GP when you want if you are not satisfied. You can find out more info here

camille-72237 1256749610

lili - this earlier thread on the same question might be useful to you:

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