How to find a COVID vaccination centre near you

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Message  Even if you think you are not eligible (yet) contact your local centre; many are making appointments and distributing vaccines as they are delivered. The programme offering vaccinations in pharmacies (for any adult) is about to start as well.

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As the deliveries of vaccines accelerate in France; there is a new platform that puts people in touch with doctors or centers that have unused doses of vaccines

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Note that, as of yesterday, everyone over the age of 55 can be vaccinated; contact your GP or Pharmacy to book an appointment.

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As of today (10/05/2021) all over 50s will be eligible for the vaccine. From Wednesday, May 12th, any appointment that is available on booking platforms (such as Doctolib) for the following day can be booked by any adult (over 18), in order to limit wasted doses and no-shows for appointments.

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As of Wednesday the 19th of May, you will be able to make an appointment with your GP or your pharmacy for Moderna vaccinations.

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