Naturopathic Doctor?

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I'm looking for a doctor who practises naturopathy.... would be grateful if anyone could recommend one either in Paris or western suburbs...I specifically want a doctor rather than a naturopath because I have quite a complicated medical history....thanks

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MaiseyDai 1433928843

You can link here to a list of complimentary medicine providers - as you state you want a medical doctor one of these may be able to provide you with a contact name if you don't recieve one direct as many do work with in conjunction with modern medicine providers. In the Uk we had a local GP who also used homeopathy and we picked up some super advice. Good luck.

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Thanks - given the range of alternative treatments listed it's a bit difficult to decide which one to contact...especially as given my complicated health, I'd prefer to see a medically trained gp with holistic training rather than just holistic... In Ireland when I lived there I was lucky to find one gp who was a homeopath...most homeopaths do not seem to be gps... thanks

KathrynI 1477861892

Hello! I am looking for a english-speaking homeopathy doctor as well. Could someone please email me at if they have a recommendation? Thank you!

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