Physical Therapist Paris?

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Hello, I recently had surgery on my knee and I'm looking for a good physical therapist.  I can only seem to find chiropractors and acupuncturist when I look online.  What are they called here and does anyone know of a good center that provides true rehabilitation post surgery?  Thanks in advance! ;-) 

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Your surgeon would be a good person to ask for a referral.

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Hi karen-72236,  yes while that normally would be the route that I would typically choose to ask for a referral...  that's not an option for me right now as I had my surgery in Germany-  but live here, so I need to find someone locally.

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They are called Kinesiotherapists - most people refer to them just a Kine, ( Keeynay ) usually you would need a referral or prescription from your GP so that you can claim on the mutuelle - May be your best point of call in any case as the GP will have a good idea of who is in your area and their area of expertise. Bon chance ! 

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Just a thought - here is the french spelling which may be helpful ! Kinésithérapie and you may find that some Osteopaths are Kiné's too....

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