Will you be vaccinating...

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... your kids against swine flu. I was against it, but then a Dr friend said that I really should as although there were less cases of death with seasonal flu, many of the people that have died or been really ill have been young, healthy people. So now I'm not sure, would you vaccinate?

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BEX-83609 1258104027

After watching the news last night I will definitely not be vaccinating mine - in any case I will wait some more before I make a decision

lolie-72759 1258107552

no - a friend and his two daughters have just had it - took their meds and stayed in bed for three days and all is well... one other daughter and the mom didn't even get it, despite nursing the other three

3M-84338 1258368242

no...i think it is too risky. i just read this article a few days ago (among many others) and i feel that they haven't really looked into the effects of the vaccine: http://naturalnews.com/027473_Guillain-Barre_Syndrome_swine_flu_vaccine.html

hope this helps.

CBjones 1258532892

I'll be getting vaccinated as soon as I receive the letter in the post. There's a chance of one in a million of getting Guillain Barre syndrome from the vaccine and 40 to 70 chances in a million of getting it if you have flu.

Guillain Barre syndrome is curable unlike H1N1 flu for a few unlucky people - I think there have been 40 deaths so far in France? Not getting vaccinated just increases the chances of these numbers increasing more and more.

florine-84343 1258548816

I seem to be hearing nothing but bad things about the vaccination, so I don't think I would do it either. It just seems too risky

LiliLala 1258617608

I heard that half of the beds in reanimation in the south of France were filled with kids or young adults with serious respiratory problems. The pandemic seems to be stepping up in France. I will be vaccinating myself as soon as is possible.

I've heard people say that they have received a letter inviting them to a centre of vaccination - I've not had anything. Is it not possible to go and get vaccinated at the Drs?

JB1963 1258704187

No you can't go to the Drs for this and pharmacies don't stock the vaccine. You will receive a letter in the post telling you where and when you can be vaccinated. Some schools are organising vaccination programmes within the school.

As of yet I have received nothing though - has anyone received a letter yet?

Miss America 1259245671

Health professionals, pregnant moms and other vulnerable groups were vaccinated first. Schoolgoing kids have just had their letters to let them know when they will be vaccinated (if their folks have OKed the vaccination); the rest of us will receive a voucher informing us where our nearest vaccination center will be - it is free if you are vaccinated in a center; that is why non-proiorty goups have not yet heard from their CPAMs

BEX-83609 1259257582

After a lot of thinking - have decided that I will be allowing my son to be vaccinated next week at college. I think now the risks are greater of getting swine flu then of being vaccinated. i saw today that a 9 year died in Grasse. As my son had lots of "bronchites athsmatiformes" when he was smaller - I don't want to take any risks. As for my younger one, I am waiting to find out when she can be vaccinated. There have been lots of cases in her school (but bnever 3 in the same class at the same time so the school is open) and there are a couple of kids that have been off school for 3 weeks now with really awful coughs. They are taking cortisone and huge amounts of antibiotics.

jaybarillo 1259331238

Thanks for the inout everyone. After thinking about all the pros and cons have decided that we will all be vaccinated when we can

camille-72237 1259578426

yes - will be vaccinating; the complications of this flu seem so severe; received letter and forms from there schools last week and received vaccination vouchers (in case they were not currenlty attending school) as well for them in this a.m.s post

sscolnik-72380 1260009288

I have 2 children, a 3yo and a 6yo, but I only got a letter for my 3yo...is it because my 6yo isnt in apriority group?
definately getting vaccinated...

joy-73818 1260122558

Keep the voucher that you get for your kids - even if you have filled in the forms sent to you by the school your child will need to take his carnet de sante and his/her "bon de vaccination" with them the day that they are to recieve their vaccination

dave-72400 1260122646

Initially not sure, now would like to get vaccinated - anyone had the shot and did you have any side effects?

rail 1260182253

dave - my arm was very sore and felt queasy for about 24 hours, but nonthing that a couple of panado's couln't cure

debra-84513 1260200782

They have been very slow getting the vouchers out...We are high risk because we have a newborn and a 2-year-old and we just got it ten days ago and only for our older son (though we are all supposed to get vaccinated to protect the baby)

If you haven't gotten a voucher you can get it from CPAM - just take your carte vitale and they will give you one on the spot.

BEX-83609 1260204824

My son was vaccinated at college and had a very sore arm, a bit of fever and coundn't stay awake over the next 24 hours, after that he was fine. I got a voucher for my 9 year old and when I went to the vaccination centre they said they could vaccinate me too even though I didn't have a voucher.

sscolnik - go to the centre with your voucher and with your 6 year old and they should vaccinate you all.

Dave - was only vaccinated a few hours ago so will let you know if either my daughter or I have side effects tomorrow. We both had different vaccinations, one without adjuvant for my daughter and one with for me. We will both only need one shot though

kim-72239 1261130654

Non-priority groups are now being sent their vouchers for vaccination, everyone registered with the Securité Sociale should have their vouchers by the end of January.

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